20 Simple and Healthy Salad Recipes

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Grilled chicken meat and fresh vegetable salad of tomato, avocado and lettuce

Say goodbye to boring salads and say hello to simple, fresh, flavorful and creative recipes. We’ve got a long list of amazing and nutritious salad recipes which will completely change the way you think about serving salad. No matter what your protein preference is, you’re sure to find some new favorite salads on this list.

Check out these 20 fantastic, yet simple salad recipes worthy of becoming a menu-regular:

1. Cucumber Salad with Bulgur and Mint >

cucumber salad with bulgur and mint

One of our favorite salad recipes is this refreshing, vegetarian meal with crisp flavors that take a vibrant twist on a classic cucumber salad. A healthy helping of whole-wheat bulgur is fluffed and flavored with mint, lemon and black pepper to complement the fresh cucumbers and tomatoes in this delicious salad!

2. Southwest Bean Salad >

southwest bean salad

Go south of the border with one of our zesty salad recipes and create this inspiring mix of protein-rich cannellini beans, crunchy bell peppers and cucumbers. Tasty herbs and spices season every scoop of this healthy bean salad.

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3. Shrimp Salad with Celery and Cucumbers >

shrimp salad with celery and cucumbers

Treat yourself to an incredibly special meal with this quick and easy shrimp salad recipe which has under ten ingredients!  All it takes is one bowl to turn out tasty peeled shrimp, cucumbers and celery, all delicately coated in a creamy and zesty lime sauce!

4. Fresh Tuna Salad with Simple Lemon Dijon Dressing >

fresh tuna salad with simple lemon dijon dressing

Try a fresh-caught piece of tuna atop your next salad with this invigoratingly simple lunch or dinner recipe. Bite-size pieces of Boston lettuce are the bed on which a fresh, protein-packed pound of tuna sits—lightly flavored with a lemon and Dijon dressing.

5. Cucumber Salmon Salad Bites >

cucumber salmon salad bites

This take on salmon salad is worthy of being served up at your next dinner party! A perfect mixture made from fresh Alaskan salmon, dill, mayo, mustard and onion complements bite-size cucumber slices—creating an elegant salmon snack made to impress!

6. One Pan Moroccan-Spiced Salmon Salad >

one pan moroccan spiced salmon salad

While easy to make at home, the authentic combination of Moroccan spices in this salad makes it restaurant worthy. An Atlantic salmon filet is seasoned with cumin, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, cloves, turmeric and allspice for an out-of-this-world flavor. This baked seafood meal meets its salad counterpart on top of a dish of mixed greens, grape tomatoes and cucumbers.

7. Turkey Salad with Pistachios and Grapes >

turkey salad with pistachios and grapes

A crunchy, sweet and savory take on turkey salad is just what you need to get excited about lunch time. Cut cube-size bites of roasted turkey (can be swapped out for chicken) to toss with halved grapes, chopped celery and crushed pistachios for a textured and tasty turkey salad!

8. Chicken Salad with Avocado >

chicken salad with avocado

A fresh, California-style salad is tossed with a healthy mix of romaine lettuce, avocado slices, cucumbers and tomatoes. Enjoy this bed of garden-fresh veggies with cilantro and lime-coated chicken shredded on top for a zesty staple salad you’ll make again and again!

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9. Green Leaf, Pear and Goat Cheese Salad >

green leaf, pear and cheese salad

Sure to be your new favorite salad, this combination of leafy greens, thinly sliced pears and creamy crumbles of goat cheese is nothing short of art. Make it in minutes for yourself with this easy recipe—and don’t forget the baked walnuts and tangy, lemon olive oil dressing to top your salad off!

10. Warm Salmon and Asparagus Salad >

warm salmon and asparagus salad

Things are about to heat up with a pairing of perfectly roasted salmon and asparagus seasoned with a Dijon white wine vinegar sauce. Just a bed of leafy greens is all you need underneath this lean and delectable salmon fillet to make a tasty and filling lunch or dinner!

11. Tricolor Salad >

simple tricolor salad with italian vinaigrette dressing

Sometimes a little color is all you need to shake things up in your diet! Try a prettier take on greens with a colorful mix of arugula, radicchio and endive in your salad bowl. Shavings of parmesan cheese and an Italian vinaigrette dressing top this dish off—and even anchovies can add a nice taste and protein profile to this salad if you’re feeling adventurous!

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12. Chayote Salad >

chayote salad

Step out of your comfort zone with chayote, a green veggie belonging to the gourd family. This edible root has been called many names, including vegetable pear, but in this recipe, sliced chayote will take on an identity of its own when you flavor it with spicy serrano chili pepper, fresh cilantro, black pepper and lemon juice for a satisfying kick in your salad!

13. Ginger Chicken Salad in Cucumber Cups >

ginger chicken salad in cucumber cups

When you slice and scoop cucumbers, you can create the perfect little bite-size bowls to serve shredded pieces of roasted chicken. Seasoned with lime, sesame and ginger, this style of chicken salad is a fun, diet-friendly way to mix up your salad mainstays.

14. Smoked Chicken Salad with Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette >

smoked chicken salad with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette

Give your sweet tooth some love with this twist on chicken salad. A tasty jam-based balsamic vinaigrette dressing coats pieces of smoked chicken atop a bed of leafy mesclun. Cups of fresh raspberries and sliced almonds really take salad toppings to a new level in this amazing and healthy meal.

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15. Pork and Pepper Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette >

pork and pepper salad with balsamic vinaigrette

There is such a thing as a satisfying salad, and it comes with lean meat and fresh, filling veggies! A protein-rich pork tenderloin is plated with onions, celery, cabbage and tricolor peppers in this peppery pork salad. Drizzled with a tasty vinaigrette and topped with mozzarella cheese, this salad is served warm and best enjoyed often as a part of a nutritious diet!

16. Eggless Caesar Salad >

simple eggless caesar salad

If you’re a fan of the classic Caesar salad, you’ll be happy to hear it’s easy to transform into a diet-friendly decision. Simply whisk together your own light, oil-based dressing, throw in your romaine lettuce and enjoy! Top your Caesar with your choice of protein for added nutrition.

17. Warm Beef Salad >

easy warm beef salad

One of our heartiest salad recipes—you get to enjoy delicious, warm and tender beef cooked to a delectable medium rare! A filling meal is made easy with grilled flank steak laid atop mesclun greens mixed with onions, tomatoes and feta crumbles. You won’t be able to resist this filling salad!

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18. Classic Lobster Salad >

classic lobster salad roll

Skip the trip to New England and whip together your own irresistible lobster salad for lunch or dinner! Whether you buy the lobster fresh or frozen, this recipe allows you to simmer the meat to perfection and mix bite-size pieces with celery, onions, mayo and lemon for a delicious, healthy twist on a classic lobster salad.

19. Ginger Chicken with Snow Pea Salad >

ginger chicken with snow pea salad

Dig into a refreshing, Asian-inspired salad with outstanding flavors and aromas in this recipe with less than seven ingredients. Chicken marinated in fresh ginger and soy sauce is grilled to golden perfection and tossed with snow peas, scallions and sesame oil for a tasty update to the traditional chicken salad.

20. Chicken Salad with Citrus >

simple chicken salad with citrus

Awaken your senses and enliven your taste buds with the fresh and zesty flavors of this vibrant citrus salad—one of our all-time favorite salad recipes. Nutritious pink grapefruit is a great addition, making a bright, sweet chicken salad with healthy greens and homemade vinaigrette extra special!