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One of the things that makes South Beach Diet so lifestyle-friendly is that you get to incorporate a wide variety of fresh foods into your diet. In order to make navigating the grocery store just as easy as following the South Beach Diet, we’ve got a grocery guide that lists all the foods you can throw into your cart while perusing the grocery store.

On each phase of the South Beach Diet, you’ll eat fully-prepared South Beach meals. However, you’ll also incorporate DIY meals that you plan and shop for to create your own healthy meals and snacks. Don’t be nervous: As long as you keep the approved food groups (Proteins, Healthy Fats, Good Carbs, Fruits and Vegetables) top-of-mind while you shop, you’ll pass the bakery, go directly to check out and be fully-prepared to make a delicious, South-Beach-approved DIY meal (with the assistance of our handy, dandy grocery guide).

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On the first week of the standard South Beach Diet plan, you will be given breakfasts, lunches and dinners to jumpstart your weight loss with our One-Week Reboot kit. During this phase, you will add in grocery items that fall under the Healthy Fat, Protein and non-starchy Vegetable categories.

Going into your second week, you will have more flexibility with your meal plan and grocery additions. You will still focus mainly on Healthy Fats, Proteins and non-starchy Vegetables. However, you can also incorporate foods from the Good Carbohydrate and Fruit section, as long they are within your daily net carb limit. On our program, you’ll limit your carb intake to 50 grams of net carbs each day. Learn more about net carbs >

If you’re on our South Beach Diet Diabetes plan, you will incorporate Proteins, Healthy Fats, Good Carbs and/or Fruit into your meal plan each day. The Diabetes plan does not receive the One-Week Reboot kit and has its own meal plan.

To help you feel more confident buying your additional grocery-fresh foods, we’ve come up sample menus for the week (one for the guys and one for the ladies) for both our standard plan and diabetes plan. This will give you a better idea of how grocery shopping on the South Beach Diet really works. And to top it off? We’ve got a full, printable grocery guide you can easily click on below for your grocery shopping convenience!

south beach grocery guide

Check out our sample menus that can easily be put together with the help of your grocery guide:

Standard Weight Loss Plan Sample Menus:


grocery guide


grocery guide

Diabetes Plan Sample Menus:

Diabetes Women 

diabetes women sample menu

Diabetes Men

diabetes men sample menu

Enjoy some of our favorite recipes below:

Pro Tip: Males and females have different counts for DIY meals and snacks. Be cognizant of what each recipe “counts as” and simply make adjustments if necessary!





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