11 Reasons Why Our Low Carb Approach Is So Approachable

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Think a low carb diet is just a low carb diet? Think again! The South Beach Diet, while indeed a low carb approach to weight loss, is so much more than that. It’s easy-to-follow, flexible to fit your busy life and teaches you lasting habits for a healthy lifestyle—among many other reasons!

In fact, we’ve put together our top 14 reasons why the South Beach Diet is so easy to fit into your lifestyle.

Check out all 11 reasons why our low carb approach is so approachable:

1. You’ll learn how to eat the right carbs.

That’s right—carbs are not off limits with this low carb approach! This is a big factor that sets the South Beach Diet apart from other low carb approaches. You’ll learn the difference between “good carbs” and “bad carbs,” find out which carbs are best to fuel your body—and the right portions. You will get to enjoy carbs—the right carbs—and you will still lose weight. That’s the beauty of South Beach!

2. You’ll fuel your body with a variety of wholesome foods.

On the South Beach Diet, you’ll eat a variety of whole, healthy foods:foods

  • Proteins like chicken, fish and beef
  • Healthy Fats like avocado, olives, dairy products, nuts and seeds
  • Good Carbs like whole wheat pasta, brown rice and whole grain bread
  • Vegetables—both non-starchy like greens and starchy like sweet potato
  • And fresh, delicious Fruit

No food groups are off limits with this low carb approach! This approach provides your body with nutrient-rich foods and rainbow of vitamins and minerals that comes along with a diverse diet. It also ensures you’ll have enough energy to power through your busy days.

3. You’re set for life.

A healthy life, that is. The unique low carb approach of the South Beach Diet takes you through rebooting your body and losing weight steadily in your Weight Loss Phase until you reach your goal, and into your Maintenance Phase where you learn the way to maintain your healthy weight without hunger or deprivation.

The Palm will guide for every step of the way, providing all the meal plan details, a list of approved foods and serving sizes, sample meal plans, exercise tips and more. It’s full of guidance that will help see you through every phase of South Beach!

4. You can eat out at your favorite restaurant.

The difference between the diet you can stick to and the one you can’t comes down to flexibility. And the South Beach Diet gets that. That’s why we teach you how to cook “DIY meals”—this is your chance to practice healthy eating using the South Beach principles, which sets you up for success even after you’ve met your weight loss goal.

You’ll get easy-to-follow recipes and guidelines to create quick meals on your own at home. And you’ll learn how to order a South-Beach approved meal at the restaurants you love, so you can enjoy the occasional brunch or dinner out with friends.

5. You’ll eat happy and healthy for life.

low carb approachThe South Beach Diet is not a quick fix. It teaches you how make healthier choices in real-life situations (like eating out at restaurants, making smart choices at social gatherings and staying healthy through the holidays) and gives you the opportunity to practice those skills (like your DIY meals!) so that you’re not just “dieting” to lose the weight—you’re creating a whole new lifestyle that will carry you well beyond your goal weight to live healthier and happier for life!

6. You’ll learn how to shop smart.

Ever feel lost when it comes to grocery shopping for “healthy” foods? Labels can be vague, confusing—even misleading—and that’s an intimidating experience for anyone who is getting their bearings on how to fill their cart with the right foods.

On the South Beach Diet, we give you guidance on which foods to choose and what the proper serving sizes are—so you can get through the grocery store with ease.

7. You’ll lose weight on a safe and healthy plan.

The South Beach Diet is a nutritionally sound approach to weight loss that includes a wide variety of wholesome foods. You’ll get a balance of nutrients from proteins, healthy fats, good carbs, vegetables and fruit. And since South Beach doesn’t require you to eliminate any of the major foods groups from your everyday life, you can rest assured knowing that you’re losing weight with a safe weight loss plan.

8. You’ll eat the right foods to keep you satisfied.healthy foods

Hunger can be a real diet-killer. But because the South Beach plan is built around including heart-healthy fats and good carbs, two foods that contribute to keeping you full, you’ll feel satisfied as you lose weight. And if you’re not hungry, then following a weight loss plan seems a lot easier!

9. You’ll burn fat and transform your metabolism.

The principles of the South Beach Diet—a high protein, low carb, low sugar plan—provides a solution for weight loss, sure, but did you know that by following this approach you’re also burning fat and transforming your metabolism? It’s a real game-changer!

10. You’re in control.

With the guidance of the approved food lists, you can pick out exactly which proteins, healthy fats, good carbs, veggies and fruits you’d like to have each day. Decide when and how to enjoy your DIY meals each week—you pick the recipe or restaurant and the ingredients. Use the support tools that work best for your life; they’re available when and how you need them, any time.

With the South Beach Diet, you’re taking control of your weight loss—and the result is a plan you feel good about following.

11. You’re part of The Palm family.

Since you’re already here, you may already know this. But just to hammer it home one last time, The Palm is FOR YOU. It’s our mission to fill this space with the very best tips, advice and inspiration to help make your journey easier—and it’s 100% unique and customized to the South Beach lifestyle.

When you join the South Beach Diet, you become part of our community, too—and we’re here for you every step of the way. So have a look around, get comfortable and keep coming back for fresh new content daily!