7 Ways to Get Creative With Cottage Cheese

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cottage cheese

If you’re looking for a versatile and healthy food that’s easy to prepare, look no further! Nutrient-rich cottage cheese can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s an amazing option as a snack or a meal that can really go the distance when it comes to variation. This enriching, low-calorie food is delicious straight out of the container, but if you find yourself bored, you can try it with a variety of different ingredients due to its mild flavor and versatile consistency.

Sweet or savory, cottage cheese can easily be transformed with quick preparation, making it easy to eat right in a pinch. On the South Beach Diet, cottage cheese counts as a Healthy Fat. Find out some of our favorite ways to eat this delicious cheese and join us in praising the many ways it complements a range of different flavors.

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Here are seven tasty ways to incorporate cottage cheese into your diet:

1. Over Salsa


As a snack, cottage cheese really shines—especially when paired with a vegetable-rich salsa. Pour your servings of cottage cheese and salsa into a blender and mix until smooth and creamy, or simply place a dollop of cottage cheese in a serving of salsa. Serve with whole grain chips or pieces of whole wheat pita bread for a healthy snack that as equally delicious as is it nutritious. Add avocado for a truly Mexican-inspired take on traditional cottage cheese.

2. Topped with Sugar-Free Jelly

cottage cheese and jelly

Start your mornings right with a sweet, protein-packed spread made of cottage cheese and your choice of sugar-free jelly. You can eat it alone with a spoon or as a spread on a piece of whole wheat toast for a flavorful breakfast that’ll keep you energized throughout the morning. Because of its mild flavor, cottage cheese goes well with just about any type of fruit flavor, so pick your favorite jam, whether it be blueberry, strawberry or raspberry, and enjoy a healthy spread to start the day. To really take this dish up a notch, slice a few strawberries to throw on top!

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3. Paired with Egg Whites


With a creamy consistency and natural, light flavor, cottage cheese is a great substitute for many things, including some higher-calorie cheeses. When making something quick for breakfast—or lunch or dinner—use egg whites cooked with cottage cheese mixed through for a warm, melty low carb meal to fuel your body in a healthy way.

4. In a Fruit Smoothie

Fresh fruit smoothies cottage cheese

No matter what your favorite fruit flavor is, cottage cheese will probably go well with it. Make your next smoothie by adding a scoop of cottage cheese—this will not only give your smoothie a thick, creamy, smoothie consistency, it will also make it even higher in protein and vitamins. Combine a scoop of cottage cheese, milk and your favorite fruit, such as peaches, bananas, strawberries or blueberries, and blend together to make a superb, chilly treat that’ll excite your taste buds and increase your energy throughout the day!

5. On Crackers

cottage cheese and crackers

Make your own savory snack spread by combing cottage cheese with chives and spreading across delicious, whole wheat crackers. Be sure to mix the spread thoroughly, grab a knife and begin spreading on each cracker. Talk about a high-protein, delicious snack!

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6. Over Pancakes

Pancakes cottage cheese

Give your classic breakfast favorite a makeover with the high-protein nutritionals found in creamy cottage cheese. Mix your pancake batter with cottage cheese and transform a typical breakfast into a healthy and easy option that’s perfect for any time of the day.

7. Mixed in Pasta

pasta and cottage cheese

Try a new take on Italian with a healthy helping of cottage cheese to substitute for a heavy cream sauce. After you cook and drain your whole wheat pasta, mix in some cottage cheese and veggies, such as cherry tomatoes or broccoli, for a guilt-free way to make a creamy pasta dish.