17 Fruity Recipes Sweet Enough for Summer

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fruity recipes

A delicious shake, a sweet dessert pizza, a fresh fruit pizza and more! The fruity recipes are endless when it comes to finding a delicious and refreshing treat to cool down in the summer heat. Filled with vitamins and sweet flavors, add a few of these fruity recipes to your DIY menu to liven things up with color, sweetness and deliciousness.

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Check out 17 delicious and fruity recipes to cool down with this summer:

1. Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Vanilla Shake >


Strawberries are the star in this ridiculously delicious and easy-to-make shake. A splash of vanilla extract adds an authentic milkshake taste without added sugar. Better double—or triple—the recipe: everyone in the house will want some.

2. Apricot Berry Dessert Pizza >


Are the girls coming over for dinner? This dessert will wow them (and keep you on track). Just sweeten and toast a whole-wheat tortilla, top with an apricot-ricotta filling and garnish with fresh berries. Serve with some lemon tea.

3. Strawberry Fool >


This sweet, smooth dessert will fool you into thinking it’s on the naughty list. For a mousse-like consistency, prepare as directed. To make it more ice cream-like, don’t thaw the berries.

4. Yogurt and Cherry Dessert >


Aren’t you glad Greek yogurt is on the “approved” list for fruity recipes? It becomes pudding with just a few ingredients. Not a cherry fan? You can use virtually any fruit. Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all pair nicely with lemon.

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5. Mango Lassi >


If you order a lassi in India, you’ll get a sweet or savory yogurt-based drink. Our lassi is sweet with mango and warm cardamom. Definitely a party-worthy drink. Just make sure you can pronounce the name: it’s (LUH-SEE) not (LAA-SEE).

6. Fruit Salad with Lime and Mint >


Everyone’s had mystery fruit salad…the one where everything seems to be the same color and flavor and everything is drowning in syrup. That’s not this salad. Fresh honeydew and berries combine with fragrant mint. Lime juice is the only liquid.

7. Peach-Raspberry Shake >

Healthy Peaches Smoothie

Wake up with this wholesome shake or wind down after dark. A midday or early afternoon shake is also perfectly acceptable. Hosting a summertime soiree this weekend? Make an adult version with vodka, tequila or bourbon.

8. Mango Smoothie >


The sweeter and riper the mango, the better this basic smoothie is. Ripe mangoes give slightly when squeezed. They may also smell very sweet at the stem ends. Skin color isn’t always a good indicator of ripeness as stores carry multiple varieties.

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9. Blackberry-Banana Smoothie >


Mornings are hard. Luckily, smart breakfast decisions are easy when recipes are this simple (and tasty!). Don’t let the wheat germ worry you; you won’t taste it when everything is mixed. You could even add spinach, chia seeds and/or flax seeds for more nutrition and tasteless, fill-you-up goodness.

10. Melon-Slush >


Hosting some vegan guests? Or is milk just not your thing? This frozen treat is made with fresh cantaloupe, ice, a little lemon and sugar substitute. It’s ready in 10 minutes or less—including the time it takes to cut the cantaloupe.

11. Iced Pom-Mojito Spritzers >


Pomegranate juice may help prevent cancer, provide immune support and even boost fertility, according to several studies. It’s also deliciously sweet and the star of this fizzy drink. Delightful with or without rum.

12. Strawberry Coconut Pro Yo >


With 25 grams of protein, this fruity recipe makes a complete meal. Don’t have any strawberry shake mix on hand? Chocolate or vanilla works beautifully in its place.

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13. Angel Meringue Pie >


Sometimes you need to get a little fancy. And sometimes you’ve just got to have pie. This gourmet dessert is light, airy, sweet and satisfying. Be sure to use room-temperature eggs otherwise the meringue will fall.

14. Blueberry Granita >


Water ice is back on the table! At least with this particular granita. Icy, fruity goodness combines with whipped topping to make a richer flavor and creamier texture you can’t get from your average slushie.

15. Lemon Cake Using Olive Oil >


With olive oil, lemon and only basic ingredients, this cake is like something out of Tuscany. Garnish with fresh blueberries or raspberries. Or, make a sugar-free lemon glaze to drizzle on top when the cake is just out of the oven. Poke a few holes in the cake for the glaze to ooze through.

16. Strawberry Peanut “Pro-Yo” >


Need another one of our quick, fruity recipes to whip up for breakfast? Prep time for this nutrient-dense dish is two minutes. Stir together Greek yogurt, protein powder, almond milk and peanut butter. Top with roasted peanuts and enjoy!

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17. Cottage Cheese Crepes with Cherries >

fruity recipes

You? Make crepes at home? Yep—and you can do it with an eight-inch nonstick skillet. Our secret ingredient is kamut flour, which has a buttery flavor and is a good source of protein and dietary-fiber. You can also use cottage or ricotta cheese.