What 100 Calories Actually Looks Like

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100 calories

Depending on what snack you are reaching for, 100 calories can look a little (actually a LOT!) different. When dealing with the internal conflict to decide between choosing a healthy snack or that large bag of chocolate candies, take into consideration just how many calories each of those candies contain.

Consuming 100 calories of a healthy snack, such as strawberries or cottage cheese, is nutritionally satisfying and WAY more filling. You can consume a greater portion of a healthy snack and stay in the low-calorie club, all while maintaining your healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals. When you choose a less nutritional snack (chocolate chip cookies, we’re looking at you) and try to stay within 100 calories, you can end up drastically overeating because of the small quantity 100 calories of these types of snacks allots.

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By making smart, healthy snack choices, you can ensure you are getting the nutrients you need to stay on track. This doesn’t mean your snacks have to be boring! For some delicious and nutritious snack ideas, we have created a list for you to compare what a nutritious 100 calorie snack looks like in comparison to its 100 (empty) calorie counterpart.

Here are 10 healthy snack options that are around 100 calories and their not-so-healthy comparisons:

1. One and 1/4 cup of blueberries or about two tablespoons of M&M’s
blueberries vs. M&Ms

Yes, you read that correctly—1/10 cup of M&M’s is the same as having one and 1/4 cup of blueberries. Not only are the portions vastly different, the nutritional value in blueberries makes this delicious and healthy snack the perfect morning pick-me-up!

2. Two and 1/2 cups of fresh green beans or 1/3 cup fries (kids’ size)
green beans vs. fries

Looking for something salty that you can munch on while binge watching your favorite TV show? STAY AWAY from the fries! Replace the greasy and unfulfilling 1/3 cup of fries with two and 1/2 cups of green beans to get your 100 calorie fix.

3. One cup baby carrots and salsa or five tortilla chips and salsa
carrots vs. chips

Looking for the perfect salsa dipper? Try swapping out those salty tortilla chips for some crunchy carrots. You still get the crunchy consistency of the chip, yet you’re filling your body with a larger amount and a LOT more vitamins and nutrients!

4. ½ cup cottage cheese or one tablespoon peanut butter

Let’s face it—we all love the creamy goodness of peanut butter, but we also love portions that are larger than one Tbsp. Swap out peanut butter for cottage cheese and enjoy an entire 1/2 cup for a quick and enjoyable 100 calories!

5. Three cups popcorn or ¾ cup potato chips
popcorn vs. chips

Friday night movie snack? We’ve got you covered. You don’t have to resort to dipping your hand into a greasy bag of potato chips, in which you will most likely exceed 100 calories. Swap out those chips for some popcorn. Throw some salt on top, and you will be set for your movie night with a much healthier!

6. One and 1/3 cup of strawberries or about two tablespoons of jellybeans
strawberries vs. jelly beans

Bite into the juicy sweetness of a strawberry (or one and 1/3 cup of strawberries) for 100 calories of pure perfection. Maybe it’s just us, but we are pretty certain that one and 1/3 cup of nutritious strawberries outweighs the small portion of 1/10 cup of jelly beans… but we’ll let you decide!

7. One medium apple or ½ of a chocolate chip cookie
apple vs. cookie

An apple a day keeps the doctor away—and your hunger at bay! A measly 1/2 of a chocolate chip cookie would most likely result in you eating about three or four cookies, which equals a LOT more than 100 calories. Make the smart and filling choice and choose to indulge in a juicy apple to kill those sweet cravings and learn how to stop eating so much.

8. One and 1/3 hard-boiled eggs or 1/3 of a slice of pizza
hard-boiled eggs vs. pizza

It’s sad but true—100 calories of pizza is equivalent to about 1/3 of a slice. Not very filling, huh? Try having about one and 1/3 hard-boiled eggs. This healthy snack will be sure to fill you up with its protein-packed deliciousness. Don’t forget to sprinkle some salt on for some extra flavor.

9. One full whole grain english muffin or ½ of medium bagel
english muffin vs. bagel

Bread craving got you? Don’t worry—you can enjoy an entire whole grain English muffin for around 100 calories! So, would you rather an entire English muffin or HALF of a small to medium sized bagel? The choice is yours, but there is a pretty obvious option.

10. About 1/3 of a frosted donut or two cups of diced cantaloupe
cantaloupe vs. donut

So, would you prefer indulging in three two full cups of sweet cantaloupe or approximately two bites of a frosted donut? For the more filling and healthy snack option, choose the cantaloupe! The succulent sweetness of this fruit will leave you in pure fruit bliss.