5 South Beach Diet Foods That Prove Diet Desserts Are Not a Myth

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South Beach Diet Foods Diet Desserts Dark Chocolate Ricotta Muffin

Got a sweet tooth that just won’t quit? Wish that diet desserts were a real thing? You’re not alone. In fact, we asked around, and more than 65 percent of our readers prefer sweet snacks over their savory, salty counterparts. And while we’re all about a good savory snack from time to time, our hearts belong to chocolate. And milkshakes. And cake. And everything fruity.

Now, if, like us, you’re doing a secret happy dance at the mention of sweets, but you also like to maintain a healthy balance in life (because #goals), than celebrate your sweet tooth with these top South Beach Diet picks that won’t derail your weight loss goals.

South Beach Diet Foods That Double as Diet Desserts:

1. Dark Chocolate Nut Bar (Snack) >

South Beach Diet Foods Diet Desserts Dark Chocolate Nut Bar
We’re firm believers that every list should start (and end) with chocolate, and judging by the popularity of this decadent snack bar, it seems our South Beach Diet customers agree. Dark chocolate? Check. Crunch factor? Check. Fill-you-up goodness and go-anywhere portability? Check and check. In other words—it’s a must-have for sweet lovers. Peanuts, walnuts and more, all for 130 calories and two grams of saturated fat. Click here to make it yours >

2. Cappuccino Ice Crush (Snack) >

South Beach Diet Foods Diet Desserts Cappuccino Ice Crush
That thick, creamy calorie-bomb-in-a-cup you can’t resist at the coffee shop? You’ll forget its name after one sip of this delicious South Beach Diet treat. Expect all the craveable java flavor you’ve come to love, except this one isn’t loaded with sugar. If you’re curious, this baby’s just got one gram of the sweet stuff, but six grams of protein. And since it’s made with decaf coffee, you can enjoy it anytime. File this under: All-day-every-day treat. Click here to make it yours >

3. Cherry Almond Bar (Breakfast) >

South Beach Diet Foods Diet Desserts Cherry Almond Bar
When nothing but the sweet flavor of fruit will do, your best bet is to give in. But play it smart—grab something with plenty of protein and fiber to fill you up and keep you satisfied. The Cherry Almond Bar has eight, full grams of protein and it’s studded with perfect, sweet cherries. As the name indicates, there are almonds, too, but what you might not notice is the walnuts, peanuts and coconut: Delicious! This sweet, South Beach Diet breakfast is always ready, especially when you’re on the run. Click here to make it yours >

4. Cinnamon Bun Lunch Bar (Lunch) >

South Beach Diet Foods Diet Desserts Cinnamon Bun Lunch Bar
Cinnamon bun for lunch? Let’s face it, when the question is whether or not to cinnamon bun, the answer is always yes—especially if it’s completely coated in a yogurt and vanilla goodness. So let’s just make it suitable for a meal on the go, with 15 grams of protein, nine grams of fiber, and only two grams of sugar to speak of. Think it can’t be so? Well, it is, and it’s approved for any South Beach Diet phase. That’s why this sweet pick scored a spot on the most popular list, friend. Click here to make it yours >

5. Dark Chocolate Ricotta Muffins (Breakfast) >

South Beach Diet Foods Diet Desserts Dark Chocolate Ricotta Muffin
It’s pretty much cake. Only the kind of mouthwatering, chocolate cakes you can eat for breakfast and not feel bad about, even for a second. They’re rich and moist thanks to creamy ricotta, but a serving of these Dark Chocolate Ricotta Muffins contains an unbelievable 13 grams of protein. Let’s call this a health win, because when you can start your day guilt-free with chocolate, you can be fairly certain it’s going to be a great day. Click here to make it yours >

Trust your sweet tooth to lead you to these delicious South Beach Diet meals and snacks, and you won’t be disappointed. And while you’re there, check out the rest of the sweets that didn’t make the list!