11 DIY Snacks That Will Fill You Up Without Filling You Out

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DIY snacks

Dips. Bars. Chips. Cookies. So many of these snack foods are full of fat, calories, sugar and carbs. And there’s a reason: they sell. In a July 2015 Mintel Press Study, 70 percent of Americans say any food can be considered a snack. And while some of those surveyed want healthy snack options, consumers place more importance on taste and flavor than nutrition when making purchasing decisions. Only 31 percent of consumers snack when it’s not the right time to eat a meal (meaning, when they’re hungry), but a whopping 62 percent whip up DIY snacks to satisfy a craving.

Here at South Beach Diet, we advocate snacking because you’re less likely to overeat during lunch and dinner if you’re not starving. We agree that virtually any food can be a snack, as proven by this list of our 11 favorites, but healthfulness is the number one reason behind our snack-often logic. Browse through the list below: You won’t find foods that stray from our plan or that will pack on the pounds. And as far as taste goes? We think you’ll be pleased with this scrumptious list of DIY snacks.

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Salty and sweet lovers alike, this list is filled with DIY snacks for every type of snacker!

1. Pesto Cilantro Dip >

pesto dip

“Pesto” comes from the Italian root pastare, which means to pound. And this wholesome dip is exactly that…pounded nuts, herbs and garlic emulsified in olive oil, creamy sour cream and brightened with a splash of lemon. The nuts and olive oil are South-Beach-approved. Bottom line: this snack fills you up and these main ingredients are heart-healthy, nutrient-rich and, when eaten in moderation, can help you lose weight.

2. Almond Jam Bars >

jam bars

What happens when you grind almonds? You get a sweet, intensely flavorful meal that, like flour, can be cooked with or baked into yummy bars like these. There’s more good news: Unlike flour, almonds are packed with fiber, protein, monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, manganese, magnesium and antioxidants, according Healthline. So there is absolutely no guilt required when you eat this sweet treat. Any sugar-free jam will do for the top: Our favorites are blackberry and strawberry.

3. Golden Milk Yogurt >

golden yogurt

Sixteen studies on full fat dairy intake were evaluated in a February 2013 issue of the European Journal of Nutrition and researchers found that full fat dairy does not contribute to obesity, and in fact, can help prevent overeating because it’s so satiating. So embrace the whole milk yogurt in this recipe and enjoy the crunch from the almonds and chia seeds in one of our favorite DIY snacks.

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4. Spinach and Artichoke Dip >

Spinach Dip DIY snacks

Parmesan and ricotta—and fiber-rich spinach and artichokes—combine in this crowd pleaser. Going on a picnic? To a potluck? This recipe doesn’t have to be served warm. Just blend the heck out of the ingredients in the food processor. No pre-chopping, no baking, no fuss. You can even make this dish the day before a get-together so it’s one less dish you have to prepare on party day, and it’s bound to be one of your new favorite DIY snacks.

5. Mocha Frappes >

mocha frappe DIY snacks

Blissful days were those when you didn’t know how many calories or sugars were hiding in your favorite iced café mocha. (One 16-oz Café Mocha contains 360 calories, 9 grams of saturated fat, and 35 grams of sugar.*) Now that you’re older and wiser, may we suggest this chocolaty coffee with whole milk for satisfying substance and whipped cream for a sweet indulgence? Out of chocolate syrup? Use sugar-free chocolate chips or cocoa powder. Want to add some natural sweetener? Add a few fresh strawberries or a small banana for one of our top picks for sweet DIY snacks.

6. Chilled Espresso Custard >

custard DIY snacks

Think about what’s in custard…eggs, milk and flavorings. Now, think about which of those foods are “approved” on the South Beach Diet. The answer is all of the above—and we even use a sugar substitute in this espresso custard recipe to ensure you’re staying on track with your DIY snacks. Remember when we told you South Beach Diet is realistic? Creamy, dreamy recipes like this prove it.

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7. Chocolate Ricotta Mousse >

chocolate mousse DIY snacks

You say chocolate, we say 15 grams of protein. No matter your angle, this dessert is 100 percent approved and sure to be coveted by everyone in your household. Our suggestion: triple the recipe. If, for some strange reason your family doesn’t want a dollop, you can enjoy the leftovers later. Oh, happy week!

8. Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip >

avocado dip DIY snacks

Proof that the best condiments don’t come jarred. This fresh, flavorful, versatile sauce can be dipped, served over salad, spread on bread, or used as a marinade. The veggie dippers, too, can be served your way. Eat them fresh or grill them right on the skewer. The next time you host guests, why not make the dip and then load up kebobs with chicken and veggies for the grill. Dinner is served.

9. Cheesy Kale Chips >

kale chips DIY snacks

Fiber, protein and nearly 15 essential vitamins (including vitamins K and C) can be found in kale yet this super food contains only 33 calories. Without nutritional yeast, baked kale chips deliver a nutritious punch. With the yeast (which happens to have a nutty, cheesy flavor), you get added vitamins (including lots of B-12), minerals and high-quality protein. Not a big kale fan? These chips are worth trying because baking mellows out bitterness. You could also omit the yeast and give the chips a spritz of vinegar before baking and a sprinkle of salt when they’re done.

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10. Parmesan Crisps >

Parmesan Cheese Crisps DIY snacks

A single block of Parmesan cheese is the only thing you need to make these crunchy, salty, satisfying crisps. If you want to add some garlic powder, parsley, Cajun seasoning or Old Bay, be our guest. Otherwise, make as directed and enjoy whenever you need to crispy, filling snack. Store leftover crisps in an airtight container so they stay….well, crisp.

11. Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies >

DIY snacks

We know. You miss cookies. Luckily, peanut butter makes a great cookie and two tablespoons of peanut butter counts as one Healthy Fat serving on the South Beach Diet. Whip up a batch of these PB&J Cookies to stay on track while filling your sweet tooth with one of our favorite DIY snacks.

Stock up on South Beach snacks for those on-the-go days! >

*Nutrition facts obtained January 26, 2019 from starbucks.com.