10 Downright Delicious Desserts for Your Thanksgiving Menu

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The holiday season is often decorated with tempting treats at every turn, but this year, you can indulge guilt-free with some delicious desserts for your holiday menu with your healthy lifestyle in mind. South Beach Diet brings you our 10 favorite holiday dessert recipes, including everything from classic cookies to some truly inspired treats. The good news is all these recipes are just as easy to make as they are to gobble down! Impress friends and excite family with these tasty desserts for your holiday menu that won’t hurt your healthy weight loss progress.

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Try these 10 delicious and low carb desserts for your holiday menu:

1. Chocolate Avocado Pudding >

Chocolate avocado pudding

Using chocolate protein powder, you can quickly create your own creamy pudding in the food processor for a perfectly nutritional dessert! You’ll enjoy healthy fats and antioxidants from avocado along with the delightful taste of chocolate in this easy 5-ingredient pudding. Customize this dessert with your favorite milk and nut butter substitutes, depending on what you have available.

2. Easy Flourless Black Bean Brownies >


Chocolate lovers can rest easy knowing these seemingly decadent brownies won’t be a disaster for your waistline. Nutrient-dense and protein-rich black beans are a smart substitute for flour, contributing to a moist brownie batter that’s packed with delicious dark chocolate chips. Chocolate protein powder makes this an easy brownie recipe that’s essential for the season.

3. Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies >


You can’t survive the holidays without cookies, and what’s a more iconic flavor combination than peanut butter and jelly? This simple recipe requires just six ingredients, which you most likely have in your pantry, and features fat-free PB for a healthier spin. Bake these cookies until golden brown and dollop your favorite flavor of sugar-free jam on top for a sweet and gooey treat—sure to feed nostalgia for a cherished childhood sandwich!

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4. Diet Dessert Chocolate Berry Cups >


There’s nothing better and more beneficial for dessert than a beautiful balance of fruit and chocolate. These gorgeous Chocolate and Berry Cups look bakery-worthy, but you can make them with this simple recipe to impress guests at your holiday parties! A fresh mixture of blueberries, raspberries and sliced strawberries fill out homemade phyllo cups (easily made from sheet dough) before being drizzled with chocolate for a vibrant dessert that’s impossible to pass up.

5. Mini Cocoa Swirl Cheesecakes >


These dreamy personal cheesecakes are light yet luxurious, and you can make them easily in your muffin tin. Use your food processor to blend ricotta cheese with sugar, egg and vanilla to create a smooth, creamy filling. A tempting cocoa-flavored batter adds a festive swirl, making these mini cheesecakes perfect to share with friends and family around the holidays.

6. Apricot-Berry Dessert Pizza >


Transcend typical seasonal treats with this Berry Dessert Pizza that’s made with a healthy whole-wheat crust! Tortillas flavored with cinnamon and sweetened with a sugar substitute are baked until crispy, providing the base for a deliciously smooth ricotta mixture—flavored with apricot jam, lemon zest and cardamom. Choose your family’s favorite berries for toppings and garnish your pizza with mint leaves for an undeniably creative spin on dessert and pizza!

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7. Chilled Espresso Custard >


Try your hand at crafting these cute bite-size custard cups that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and your energy level! Using espresso powder or instant decaf coffee, you can make a tasty custard without it feeling heavy—thanks to a sugar substitute. Cinnamon and lemon twists adorn this tempting espresso-flavored dessert that’s bound to liven up any holiday gathering.

8. Almond Jam Bars >


Feel free to spoil yourself with this dessert because it replaces flour with ground almonds to provide your body with essential nutrients and protein. Just five simple ingredients are necessary to create these tasty and hearty almond bars that are topped with your choice of sugar-free jam!

9. Yogurt and Cherry Dessert >

yogurt and cherry

Made with healthy Greek yogurt, this tangy dessert is just as delicious as it is good for your body. You only need four ingredients to transform plain yogurt into an exciting dessert that’s perfect for last-minute meals in between hectic holiday schedules. You’ll enjoy big bursts of cherry flavor complemented by lemon zest with every spoonful!

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10. Mocha Frappes >

desserts for your holiday menu

To complete our low carb list of delicious desserts for your holiday menu, you can fulfill your cafe order right in your own home with this delightful drink flavored with a beautiful blend of chocolate and coffee. Plan ahead to brew some extra-strong coffee, and chill it for a few hours. Simply blend your coffee with a few sugar-free ingredients until smooth, and top your Mocha Frappe with a sugar-free whipped topping of your choice to enjoy each sip without the guilt or excess calories!