7 Healthy Smoothie Recipes to “Shake” Up Your Menu

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smoothie recipes

Fruit and vegetable Smoothie recipes are pretty amazing and versatile. Just load up your blender with fruits and veggies, add a little milk or yogurt, and out comes a tasty drink that’s loaded with fiber, nutrients and healthy fats. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, you’re desperate to get your toddler to eat vegetables, or you’re in a rush to get out the door, these healthy fruit smoothies are the perfect meal or midday snack.

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Here are seven of our favorite South-Beach-approved smoothie recipes:

1. Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Vanilla Shake >

Strawberry shake

To kick off our list of smoothie recipes we have one of our all-time favorites. One minute and four ingredients later, you have this strawberry shake. Breakfast doesn’t get easier—or creamier. With one serving (note: this recipe makes four servings), you’ll fulfill one Lean Protein and one-and-a-half Healthy Fat requirements. Refrigerate the remaining mix, and you’ve got breakfast ready to go every morning.

2. Blackberry Banana Smoothie >


Blackberries are tiny nutrient powerhouses. One cup offers nearly eight grams of fiber, more than 30 milligrams of vitamin C (half your recommended daily value), lots of manganese, and plenty of Vitamin K. Plus, with only 62 calories, one gram of fat, 14 carbs and a glycemic index of just 25, they’re a South-Beach superfood. In this healthy, tasty smoothie, we call for liquid stevia but if your banana is ripe, you may not need it.

3. Melon Slush >

smoothie recipes

That weirdly red, overly sweet snow cone doesn’t have a thing on this slush. Made with cantaloupe, lemon juice and just a pinch of sugar substitute, this frozen drink puts the fresh in refreshing. Feeling a little adventurous? Try adding some mint or ginger. Want to enhance the flavor of the cantaloupe? Add a pinch of salt.

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4. Mocha Frappes >

smoothie recipes

Who says that fancy coffee shop drink is off limts? This recipe has a little chocolate, milk, whipped cream and, of course, bold coffee. Again, watch the serving size here. One recipe makes two (one cup servings). Share it with a friend or refrigerate the rest for tomorrow. Hold the whipped cream if doing the latter and re-blend with more ice.

5. Peach Raspberry Shake >

smoothie recipes

In the peak of summer—when peaches and raspberries are flooding the farmers market—there’s nothing more flavorful than this refreshing shake. The sweet peaches contrast nicely with the tart raspberries and the yogurt gives it an ice-cream creaminess. How do you capture that flavor in the fall or winter? Freeze some of that ripe fruit and hold the ice when making the shake. Perfection!

6. Mango Lassi >

smoothie recipes

If you order a lassi in India, you’ll get a sweet or savory yogurt-based drink. This lassi is sweet with mango and warm cardamom. Definitely a party-worthy drink. Just make sure you can pronounce the name: It’s (LUH-SEE) not (LAA-SEE).

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7. Mango Smoothie >

smoothie recipes

The sweeter and riper the mango, the better this basic smoothie is. Ripe mangoes give slightly when squeezed. They may also smell very sweet at the stem ends. Want to save some time—and be sure you got perfectly ripe fruit? Buy frozen mango slices. Then, you can omit the ice and this drink has a whopping two ingredients.

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