5 Delicious (and Cheesy!) Flatbread Recipes You Need to Try

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flatbread recipes

What? Did that say bread? It did. What’s more? It said “flatbread,” and these flatbread recipes are inspired by some of our favorite pizzas. And who doesn’t love delicious, garlicky, cheesy pizza? The best part is you needn’t feel guilty about eating these “pizzas.” Not even a little bit.

South Beach Diet® Flatbreads are made from whole wheat (so they’re Phase 2 and 3 approved), but they’re also kissed with garlic sauce and cheese, which means they’ve got serious flavor. Enjoy our flatbreads straight out of the box or top with your favorites—turkey sausage, spinach, mushrooms, onions and peppers. You can even add the tomato sauce and some oregano for the whole pizza experience.

Check out five of our favorite South Beach Flatbread recipes with a tasty twist:

1. California Veggie Style Flatbread >

Cali veggie

Is there a more delicious way to fulfill a daily veggie serving? Not likely. The California Veggie Style Flatbread is piled with asparagus, onions, tomatoes, leeks, shallots and avocado. Lemon juice adds subtle tang and enhances the flavor. At just 318 calories, this flatbread is a diet win. Get your flatbread here >

2. Southwest Latin Flatbread >

southwest flatbread recipes

Chipotle sauce, half a jalepeño pepper and scallions give this Southwest Latin Flatbread spicy, robust depth. Gooey Monterey Jack cheese gives it pizza-like perfection. Clocking in at just 320 calories, you’ll feel like you’re cheating with this delicious meal. Get your flatbread here >

3. Caprese Style Flatbread > 

caprese flatbread recipes

Company coming over? This Caprese Style Flatbread comes together in 10 minutes and will make you look like a culinary genius. Try smoked mozzarella to change things up. With just 307 calories for the ENTIRE flatbread, you’ll want to make this a regular on your weekly menu. Get your flatbread here >

4. Buffalo Chicken Flatbread >

buffalo flatbread recipes

Lean protein, non-starchy veggies, whole grains, good fats and lots of flavor. Who says “dieting” is difficult with our Buffalo Chicken Flatbread? At just 325 calories for the ENTIRE flatbread, Buffalo Chicken Pizza will certainly become a distant memory from your healthy lifestyle. Get your flatbread here >

5. Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread >

flatbread recipes

Meet the South-Beach-Diet-approved Meat-Lovers Pizza complete with chicken and turkey bacon. A little ranch adds a little more love. Clocking in at just 320 calories per flatbread, this very well may become your go-to meal. Get your flatbread here >

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