8 Skinny Sandwich Recipes for Your DIY Menu

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sandwich recipes

Everyone loves a good sandwich—they’re easy to make, eat and enjoy! Even while slimming down, you can still fill up on some of your favorite sandwiches recipes to supplement your healthy menu at home. These “skinny” sandwich recipes are made with light ingredients in a healthy manner to help stay on track with your weight loss while enjoying the food you love.

No matter what your favorite type of sandwich is, you’re sure to find a healthy twist with this list of South Beach Diet DIY sandwich recipes! Embrace all types of tasty sandwiches that are full of flavor yet light on calories with these simple recipes.

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Tasty and diet-friendly sandwich recipes you’ll want to make on repeat!

1. Provolone Chicken Sandwich >

chicken provolone

A classic chicken and cheese sandwich is sure to hit the spot for an amazing lunch or dinner. Made on one slice of multigrain bread, this open-faced beauty has perfectly seared chicken cutlets covered with provolone cheese and roasted pepper. It only takes a couple of minutes under the broiler to turn this sandwich into a cheesy chicken melt sensation that won’t weigh you down.

2. Steak Sandwich with Roasted Pepper Mayo >

steak sandwich

When you’ve got a big appetite for beef, turn to the South Beach Diet Skinny Steak Sandwich without the guilt!  Thin slices of herbed and seasoned steak fill out two slices of multigrain bread that are coated in zesty roasted pepper mayo—making this one sandwich you’ll want to eat on repeat.

3. Lobster Salad Sandwiches >

lobster sandwich

Embrace the fish and flavors of the season thanks to this skinny lobster salad roll that’s packed with protein and flavor. Fresh or frozen lobster tails work for this DIY sandwich recipe, which you can easily make at home with just a few ingredients! Savor each bite of juicy lobster meat mixed with veggies and mayo atop multigrain hot dog buns for a fresh twist on an old summer favorite.

4. Open-Face Sandwich Stacks >

sandwich stacks

You can use multigrain English muffins to create tasty open-faced sandwich stacks that are brimming with healthy ingredients and flavor. This smart and simple DIY recipe showcases how to make a smart deli sandwich with slices of low-sodium turkey breast, provolone cheese, avocado, lime, red pepper and spinach. This sandwich towers over them all when it comes to taste and nutrition.

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5. Open-Faced Avocado Tuna Sandwich >

Avocado toast

A tuna salad sandwich is a classic healthy option that’s now even better for your waistline when we make it open-faced and full of our favorite superfood avocado to replace mayo. This tuna salad sandwich is complete with a bed of arugula, red onions and sliced cucumbers for unforgettable flavor from a fresh take on tuna!

6. Open-Faced Egg & Avocado Sandwich >

sandwich recipes

Eggs and avocados are two densely nutritious and delicious superfoods we could use more of in our diet. You can make this tasty topped toast for breakfast or lunch to add a boost of protein to your day and keep your diet on track. Choose simple, healthy ingredients—tomato, poached egg, avocado, onion and celery—mix and top them on a slice of whole grain bread for an insanely satisfying and healthy meal you’ll want to make every day!

7. Breadless Ham and Cheese Sandwich >

sandwich recipes

If you’re following the South Beach Diet keto-friendly meal plan, this is the sandwich for you—or should we say cheesewich? The classic pairing of ham and cheese gets a low carb makeover with two slices of baked sharp cheddar cheese as bread. It just takes five common ingredients and a little ingenuity for a whole new healthy and exciting take on a ham and cheese sandwich.

8. Watercress and Cucumber Tea Sandwiches >

sandwich recipes

Delicate finger sandwiches in dainty portions are perfect for entertaining guests and sticking to your diet. Another amazing superfood, watercress takes center stage with a scrumptious layer of low-fat cream cheese and sliced cucumbers, making these tea sandwiches just as adorable as they are delicious!