8 Keto Snacks You Can Enjoy Guilt-Free

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keto snack

Snacking doesn’t have to be a healthy diet no-no—especially when you have some low carb, keto-friendly options to choose from. If you’ve decided to lose weight with the help of our keto-friendly meal plan (Haven’t started yet? Get started today!>), you can add some of our favorite keto snack recipes to your menu. These recipes can be enjoyed guilt-free, so they’ll keep you on track with your healthy fat and lean protein intake, liven up your DIY snack menu and support your weight loss goals. From sweet to savory, these recipes will satisfy any type of craving and will keep you on on the straight and narrow with your keto-friendly weight loss plan.

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Check out our eight favorite keto snack recipes:

1. Chocolate Avocado Pudding >

chocolate avocado pudding

Using the Chocolate South Beach Simply Fit Shake, you can easily whip up a light, yet decadent chocolate pudding for snack time. This creamy concoction is made with an avocado base, so you get healthy fats to promote your weight loss with a keto-friendly superfood. Almond butter and almond milk make this low carb recipe even more nutritious, meaning you can enjoy each bite of this chocolatey snack without one ounce of shame!

2. 2-Ingredient Parmesan Chips >

parmesan crisps

Cheese lovers can get pumped about these low carb, crunchy Parmesan Chips because they only require two simple steps and two simple ingredients. All you need to do to whip up these cheesy crisps is combine grated Parmesan cheese and your favorite choice of herb. Then, cook these big, round cheese crisps in the oven to satisfy your savory snack cravings.

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3. Creamy Pesto Dip >

creamy pesto

This smooth, creamy pesto recipe is perfect for dipping all sorts of non-starchy veggies and will keep you on track since it’s keto-approved. Flavors from toasted almonds, fresh garlic, cilantro, olive oil and lemon make this rich keto snack a guaranteed hit at parties!

4. 2-Step Spinach Dip >

spinach dip

Dip is always a favorite for snack time, but since most are overloaded with excess calories, we’re bringing you a keto-spin on a classic favorite. This Spinach Dip recipe packs a punch of flavor from artichoke hearts, red pepper, nutmeg and ricotta and Asiago cheeses. Just toss all your ingredients in the food processor with a pack of spinach, and behold a smooth, creamy pesto dip that pairs perfectly with your favorite non-starchy veggies for a filling keto snack.

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5. Crispy Kale Chips >

kale chips

A worthy substitution for any type of potato chips, these kale chips are a keto-approved option that are perfect for when you need a crunchy keto snack in no time! It only takes four ingredients (raw kale, olive oil, yeast and garlic powder) to create these crispy kale chips in the oven, which you can for reach again and again without guilt!

6. Cheesy Summer Squash >

summer squash

You’re just two steps away from turning summer squash into a nutritious yet cheesy snack that’ll support your weight loss goals. Yellow summer squash and zucchini are flavored with salt and pepper and heated in a pan with garlic and chicken or vegetable broth. Topped with shredded Asiago cheese and walnuts, this healthy, garden-fresh snack is sure to prepare your body and mind for summer!

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7. Turkey Club Wrap >

turkey club wrap

When you’ve got a busy day ahead, whip up this Turkey Club Wrap recipe ahead of time to ensure you don’t go hungry or turn to unhealthy options. Try your favorite turkey and ham sandwich with a keto twist. Layered with turkey, ham, tomato, avocado, arugula and sugar-free ranch dressing, this wrap is packed with nutrition and flavor to will keep you full and feeling motivated on your weight loss journey.

8. Sesame-Style Garlic Green Beans >

keto snack

Simplicity is key when it comes to making this Sesame-Style Garlic Green Bean recipe but certainly not when it comes to its amazing taste. Toss fresh green beans together with dark sesame oil, garlic, low-sodium soy sauce and cherry tomatoes to complement each crunchy bite of this keto-style green bean snack.