11 Delicious Soups and Stews to Cozy Up To

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Every soup-lover knows: There’s nothing better on a cool  day than cozying up to a warm bowl of steamy soup while lounging at home in long layers. Stock up on these 11 amazing soups, stews and chilis for some delicious seasonal diet meals that can be made at the drop of the hat with easy preparation from South Beach Diet. Stick with your weight (and time) management goals without missing out on those classic and satisfying fall flavors!

The South Beach Diet soups, stews and chilis are a staple for your menu, especially in the craziness of busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyles. Make your life that much easier by stocking up on these delicious South Beach meals that will not only be a time-saver, but also a delectable meal to enjoy while you are winding down after a long day—especially for you soup loving folks!

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Here are 11 South Beach Diet soups, stews and chilis to incorporate into your weekly menu and enjoy while relaxing during the autumn months:

1. Just In Thyme Beef Soup >

No matter what kind of day you’ve had, there’s always time for a ‘home-cooked meal’ with the Just In Thyme Beef Soup. Skip the slow cooker and make your way to the dinner table for this sumptuous soup made with tender beef and roasted onions. Carefully cooked in a decadent beef stock broth topped with fresh thyme, tomatoes and garlic, this hearty soup will fill you up with 18 grams of protein and only 200 calories. Although this quick and easy soup from South Beach Diet makes for the perfect on-the-go dinner, you’ll be feeling the comforts of home in just one spoonful!  To get this delicious soup, click here >

2. Texas-Style Chili Sauce with Meat >

The Texas-Style Chili Sauce with Meat goes big on flavor, not on guilt. This truly Texan inspired Chili offers all of the sizzling and spicy flavors we love from the South Beach Diet but without the calories. Packed with 20 grams of protein, this filling fix of peppers, onions, tomatoes and beef is perfectly seasoned to spice up your next lunch or healthy dinner from the South Beach Diet. Indulge in this easy meal and keep your body happy with only 230 calories. Click here to enjoy this tasty meal >

3. Pantry-Ready Moroccan-Inspired Chickpea Stew with Pork >

Take your taste buds on a world-class trip (without the airfare) by enjoying the Pantry-Ready Moroccan-Inspired Chickpea Stew for lunch or dinner. Despite its exotic name, this fully flavorful combination of pork, garbanzo beans, onions, kale and tomatoes may soon become your new favorite meal from South Beach Diet since it has just 250 calories and easily stores on your shelf! This fast meal option makes eating on a diet exciting again, plus you’ll keep your body happy with its 19 grams of protein and seven grams of fiber.  Click here to try this tasty stew >

4. Chockful of Veggie Chili >

Aptly named, the Chockful of Veggie Chili is packed with delicious veggies your body needs like peppers, zucchini, squash, edamame, beans and more. With only 210 calories, this colorful vegetable chili is a satisfying lunch or dinner option from South Beach Diet. Enjoy 12 grams of protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer so you stay on track with this easy-to-eat chili bowl.  Click here to try this colorful chili >

5. Beef Paprikash >

Try something different for dinner with this mouthwatering Beef Paprikash to give you a new twist on beef stew. This classic Hungarian dish packs on 20 grams of protein amidst tri-colored peppers and onions swirling around perfectly seasoned beef strips. The steaming and enticing broth will draw you into the depths of this delicious stew, and with just 230 calories, you can feel good about seeing the bottom of the bowl. Enjoy a South Beach meal that tastes authentic and complex, yet is conveniently stored on your shelf for just the right chilly fall night!  To try this comforting stew, click here > 

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6. Caribbean Inspired Coconut Soup with Chicken >

No one ever said soup had to be boring, and with the Caribbean Coconut Soup with Chicken, we’re bringing exciting island flavors to your lunch bowl. Spoon down bite after bite of nutritious chicken, bell peppers, onions, carrots and black beans all swimming in coconut milk with just the right seasonings for a soup containing 20 grams of protein. This soup is the perfect pick-me-up for lunch or dinner with only 220 calories and nine grams of fat.  Click here to try this tasty soup >

7. Cheeseburger Soup >

Enjoy an all-American classic in a bowl rather than on a bun with the Cheeseburger Soup from South Beach Diet. This new take on a modern favorite lets you enjoy warm melty spoonfuls of sharp cheddar cheesy goodness with ground beef and onions, all combining to provide you with a whopping 18 grams of protein for all kinds of energy. This soup only has 230 calories, so you can indulge in your favorite cheat meal in a whole new way and feel good about your decision for lunch or dinner.  Click here to try this cheesy and delicious meal >

8.  Mushroom Parmesan Soup with Chicken >

Make a quick and easy meal out of the favorite flavor combination that is the Mushroom Parmesan Soup with Chicken. Layers of cream, cheese and mushrooms topped with garlic and spices are sure to keep you feeling full along with the 18 grams of protein that make for an energizing lunch or dinner on-the-go. This fully loaded soup also won’t set you back with just 210 calories, so you can eat the flavors you love without dealing with the guilt!  To try this savory soup, click here >

9. Savory Beef & Vegetable Ragout >

When you want something rich and have little time to prepare, try the Savory Beef & Vegetable Ragout from South Beach Diet, which can be stored in your pantry until you’re ready for this hearty lunch or dinner. With just 240 calories, this stew packs in tantalizing steak strips and colorful veggies, along with sweet potatoes, kale and quinoa to give your palette a boost. Each steeping spoonful of this stew is full of great nutrients as well as seven grams of fiber and 19 grams of protein to give your body what it needs to tackle any task.  Click here to try this savory stew >

10. White Bean Chicken Chili >

Treat yourself to the Southwestern style White Bean Chicken Chili for some comfort food on-the-go, or while you are cozied up on your couch! The crisp fall air begs for the warmth and zing that comes from this classic soup dish with only eight grams of fat and 220 calories. Dive into a zesty lime infused broth full of sliced chicken, roasted poblano peppers, white beans and vine-ripened tomatoes, all swimming in this slowly simmered stew that you can prepare in just minutes! With 19 grams of protein, this chili is a great choice for a full-bodied meal minus the effort.  Click here to try this zesty chili >

11. Pantry-Ready Campfire Beef ‘n’ Beans >

Get the feels and tastes of camping in the great outdoors (without the bug bites) with the Pantry-Ready Campfire Beef ‘n’ Beans from South Beach Diet. This tasty and tried-and-true, back-to-basics beef stew combines kidney and pinto beans with a slew of necessary veggies, all for just 240 calories. Ditch the long winded fire-side stories and make this quick South Beach meal in your microwave to enjoy this delicious classic. With 19 grams of protein, you’ll feel like you could fend off a bear!  Click here to try this flavorful stew >

South Beach Diet has a variety of items on the menu that are perfect for any night!  To view the full menu, click here >