Soup’s On! 9 Tasty Recipes to Get Your Soup Fix This Season

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soup recipes

Soups can warm your body and soul. They’re also terrific make-ahead meals (for the freezer or fridge) and an easy way to get your five required daily vegetable servings. From hearty chili to creamy lobster bisque (yes, we said creamy), we’ve got plenty of soup recipes for your to add to your DIY menu this season.

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Check out nine delicious soup recipes to warm you up the diet-approved way:

1. Mexican Chicken Soup >


To kick off our list of soup recipes, we’ve got a classic. You have two winners here. The first is the recipe as written—chicken in a flavorful broth with warm cumin and spicy jalapeño. If spicy isn’t your thing, substitute the jalapeño for celery and cumin for parsley. You’ve got a classic chicken soup that’s as comforting as a warm hug.

2. Butternut Squash Apple Soup >

Butternut squash soup

Hello, fall. And hello, nutrition! From calcium and iron to potassium, magnesium and phosphorus—coupled with Vitamins C and A—butternut squash has it all. Make this recipe tonight (it’ll only take 30 minutes) and freeze half for another chilly day.

3. Hearty Minestrone >


What’s your favorite minestrone ingredient? Is it the beans? The pasta? The blend of vegetables? Just when you thought a terrific soup couldn’t get better, we went and beefed it up with veggies like leeks, celery, Swiss chard, green beans and zucchini. Where has this minestrone been all your life!?

4. Cod Chowder >


Cod is a Lean Protein on South Beach. A three-ounce portion has 15 to 20 grams of protein, less than 90 calories and one gram of fat. (It’s also rich in phosphorous, niacin and Vitamin B12!). A two-cup serving of this creamy, dreamy soup counts as two Lean Proteins thanks to the fish, half-and-half and turkey bacon.

5. Healthy Curry Coconut Shrimp >


Ready for your island vacation? Then head to your nearest grocery store for shrimp, coconut milk, Thai red curry paste and fresh lime. (Everything else you’ll find in your pantry.) The islands will come to you when you as you enjoy this fresh dish!

6. Shredded Chicken Chili >


One of the easiest ways to amp up calorie-free flavor is with spice. Cumin, chili powder, cilantro, paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder onion powder and oregano come together for serious, you-aren’t-missing-anything depth. Tip: Slow cooking decreases intensity of spices; if you like your soup spicy, add more chili power.

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7. Lobster Bisque >


No, that’s not a typo. We meant “bisque” and this really is another one of our delicious, approved soup recipes. (Remember, whole milk is recommended on the South Beach Diet!) We replaced the butter (saturated fat) with flavor from dry sherry, hot-pepper sauce and paprika. Don’t want to mess with lobster? Use shrimp, scallops or lump crab.

8. Turkey Tagine >


A tagine is a type of stew that’s chockfull of veggies and sweetened with a fruits like apricots, prunes or a sweet blend of spices (cinnamon, coriander, sweet paprika, etc.). This recipe calls for boneless, skinless turkey breast but you can also use lamb, chicken or tofu or substitute meat for vegetable-rich proteins like beans or quinoa.

9. Mussels: Tomato and Basil >

soup recipes

The next best thing to perfectly prepared mussels is the cooking sauce that’s left in the pan. So ladle it into a bowl and enjoy it! Tip: Mussels release their own juices during the cooking process so don’t think twice about adding just a cup of liquid. Want to put a different spin on this dish? Serve it over whole-wheat pasta or couscous.