6 Easy Ways to Handle Halloween Cravings

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Halloween cravings

Let’s face it, cravings for Halloween candy are sure to creep up on all of us this October—even if we avoid the candy aisle. If you’re human, you might still feel the urge to surrender to your candy cravings and unwrap some empty-calorie confection. This Halloween season, we’re bringing you all the tricks to skip the treats and make cravings disappear. Stay healthy and look costume-ready year-round!

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Follow these 6 tricks to skip the Halloween treats⁠ and keep your diet in check:

1. Keep smart snacks on-hand.

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Since candy and other sweet treats abound this season, you need to satisfy cravings without giving in to what’s around. Stock smart snacks in your purse, car or at work. This way, you’ll always have something to enjoy when you get an unwanted waft of Halloween candy.

2. Drink a protein shake.

halloween cravings

Going into almost any supermarket or convenience store in October can trigger a candy craving due to the shelves and aisles packed with sugary-smelling treats. When you need to cave and indulge in something sweet, go for a smart choice and whip up a low-sugar protein shake. There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy this protein-packed staple that’s creamy, sweet and delicious. You don’t need a holiday to celebrate sweet shakes that help keep cravings at bay!

3. Fill up on seasonal veggies.

halloween cravings

Vegetables are a crucial and proven part of a healthy lifestyle due to their high fiber content. According to Mayo Clinic, fiber is said to benefit weight loss, digestion and satiety. If you want to stop cravings before they start, keep fresh veggies around the house instead of candy. Keeping hunger at bay by preemptively filling up on vegetables can kick cravings before they start. Sliced veggies dipped in hummus or other South Beach approved dips are a filling snack that won’t allow you to leave room for mistakes. Stay on track and keep your weight in check with some beloved autumn vegetables (roasted, sliced or seasoned), including butternut squash, pumpkin, kale and sweet potato.

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4. Improve your mood with exercise.

halloween cravings

A common reason why cravings strike is an imbalance in the hormone serotonin, according to Medical News Today. Serotonin plays a role in suppressing appetite and regulating mood. According to Healthline, exercise can help to boost your levels of serotonin, leading to a better mood and decreased appetite. Emotions can also play a role in when and how we cave into candy temptations. It’s way too easy to binge-eat a bunch of candy when we’re sad or stressed. Exercise is known to provide an almost instant release of endorphins that trigger good moods and lift sadness. Working out and feeling better day-to-day will lower your risk for serotonin imbalances that lead to emotional over-eating of October’s famous sugary treats.

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5. Stay stress-free with fun autumn activities.

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There is no shortage of fun activities in autumn. Now that the cooler weather has arrived, get outside and stay active at the pumpkin patch, hayride or corn maze. After you pick a pumpkin, make a jack-o-lantern and enjoy a healthy snack by roasting the seeds. It’s also the perfect season to hit the trails and go on a hike to see beautiful fall foliage. Keeping yourself distracted, active and away from temptations will crush your Halloween cravings before they can creep up.

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6. Indulge in healthy October treats.

halloween cravings

October is not just a time for Halloween candy. It’s also a time for many tasty festive treats and fall foods made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Feel the chill in the air and get your scares in without the excess calories from candy and confectionery snacks. Instead, go for some healthful fall-themed treats and meals inspired by the season to suit your snack cravings. Here are some tasty ideas to get you started:

  • Fresh, air-popped popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon
  • Spiced teas and sugar-free beverages
  • Roasted pumpkin or sunflower seeds
  • Nuts dusted in pumpkin pie spice
  • Hearty soups filled with veggies

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