5 Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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a man surprising a woman with a valentine’s day gift

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to gift someone you love with something they might not think to get for themselves. There are so many ways to make this day a special one for those you love. Here are a few romantic Valentine’s Day ideas to keep it budget and health-friendly!

1. Bake for them.

an arrangement of baking ingredients next to a wooden cutting board

Nothing says you love someone like cooking or baking for them. Valentine’s Day is all about the decadent chocolates and sweet tooth satisfiers. Whether it’s chocolate chip cookies, edible cookie dough, chocolate fudge or brownie bites, The Palm offers healthy recipe alternatives so you can indulge without setting yourself back! With delicious and nutritious substitutes like almond flour, cashew butter, stevia and avocado oil, there are no flavors lost.

Don’t limit yourself to just dessert! Spoil your sweetheart with breakfast in bed or a homemade candlelit dinner. Click the link below for some of our favorite recipes!:

14 Low-Carb Meals to Make for Your Valentine

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2. Plan a picnic.

a romantic picnic setup with valentine’s day gift and roses

Whether you set up a blanket in your living room with tealight candles strewn about or you go outside and brave whatever weather winter may bring, a picnic is a great idea that’s bound to impress the recipient of your Valentine’s Day affection. It’s thoughtful, cozy and easily adaptable to meet any dietary needs. This is the perfect way to show someone you care while sticking to a budget AND healthy diet.

3. Offer your time.

a man and woman taking a walk in the park

Sometimes, the greatest gift is giving someone your time and attention. If you are holding back from spending too much money this year, offer someone your time. Made a New Year’s Resolution to be more fit this year? Then make this work in your favor and offer yourself as a walking buddy. A handmade coupon book filled with fun activities is a great gift that your Valentine will love. From outdoor hikes, daily walks and couple home workouts, you can’t go wrong with offering up your time and effort. This guarantees spending more quality time with your loved one while simultaneously improving cardiovascular health. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about the heart, isn’t it?

4. Gift some chocolate.

sugar free dark chocolate pieces on a wooden cutting board. healthy snack ideas

Think beyond the heart-shaped box of chocolates! Here at South Beach Diet, chocolate is one of our favorite superfoods. However, Valentine’s Day is filled with unhealthy varieties of this sweet treat. If you’re looking to gift your sweetheart some chocolaty treats, look for dark chocolate sweetened with stevia. It’s better quality and just as delicious.

5. For the fitness lover.

pink handheld dumbbell weights with a bow for valentine's day

If your loved one is working on their fitness goals, gift something that will help them get there. The possibilities are endless here: If they love yoga, give them a new yoga mat. Is he or she a runner? Buy them those sneakers they’ve been eyeing. Trying to tone up? Handheld weights are a great option. You also can’t go wrong with Bluetooth head phones, an activity tracker, fitness attire, a new water bottle or even an online workout subscription.