8 Morning Habits to Lose Weight All Day

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New South Beach Diet Morning Habits For Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, the way you shape your morning routine could have an impact on the shape of your figure. Waking up early and eating a healthy breakfast, among other things, can ensure that you boost your body’s ability to lose weight throughout the day. Find out which other morning habits you should subscribe to in order to amplify your weight loss success for the rest of the day!

Practice these eight healthy morning habits to aid your weight loss success all day long:

1. Sleep long and wake early.

Healthy Sleep

The benefits of a solid sleep schedule have been widely studied for positive effects on everything from brain chemistry and moods to weight loss and activity levels. One study, published in PLoS Medicine, found that participants who had short sleep times were more likely to have larger appetites and BMIs than those with regular sleep durations. Another study, published in the journal Sleep, found that participants with late wake times are more likely to be obese and have low activity levels throughout the day than early risers. Start your morning early after a long night’s sleep to enjoy increased activity levels and a smaller appetite throughout the day.

2. Drink a glass of lemon water.

Lemon Water For Weight Loss

Drinking a full glass of water as part of your morning habits will hydrate your body and make you feel full, but—after adding a few slices of lemon—it can offer even more benefits to you and aid your digestion and weight loss throughout the day. The polyphenols contained in lemon are responsible for improving moods, energy and digestion—all to the benefit of your body. Sipping on lemon water in the morning also gets your gastrointestinal tract moving to promote digestion and regularity during the day. A study, published in the Journal of Biochemistry and Nutrition, suggests that the effects of adding lemon to water can even suppress weight gain and the accumulation of body fat.

3. Plan your daily menu.

morning meal prep

It is much easier to stick a healthy diet when you’ve got a game plan. By taking a few minutes to plan out your daily menu, you’ll set yourself up for success and prevent unhealthy choices. Make a small section in your refrigerator and pantry for your meals, snacks and beverages for the day. You can then simply grab and go, making smart choices without having to think twice about it.

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4. Work out early in the morning.

Reasons to Move Your Workouts to the Morning

Even though it’s not the most fun thing to do, getting your body up and moving in the morning is a great way to set the right tone for the day. Early exercise at home will not only give your body a boost and start your metabolism but also help you stick to smart eating for the rest of the day. Research, published in the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine, found that morning exercise had a greater influence on participants’ satiety throughout the day versus afternoon exercise. This means good news for anyone who has some extra time to get up and get active—early exercise at home ensures a lower caloric intake and a lesser urge for snacking throughout the day.

5. Drink a protein Shake.

shake morning habits healthy

A protein shake in the morning is a great way to quickly and easily consume a healthy breakfast on the go that will keep you feeling fuller for longer while increasing your metabolism and energy. A study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, states that enjoying a high protein breakfast leads to increased fullness throughout the day with a decreased motivation for snacking. Eating a protein-rich breakfast on the go can also contribute to improving the overall quality of your diet.

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6. Drink coffee.

coffee morning habits Healthy Coffee

If waking up to work out or eat a huge filling breakfast seems like a difficult morning habit to maintain, at least get in your cup of morning java. Coffee is widely enjoyed as a jumpstart for your metabolism and your morning, but there are some other health benefits that make your morning cup of joe more than just a welcomed wakeup call. A study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, names coffee as a “functional food” and explores the ways in which drinking it can benefit mineral and antioxidant intakes as well as positively affect moods, alertness, brain chemistry and metabolic disorders. This means drinking coffee in the morning can not only help you focus and concentrate on your weight loss goals, but also support your brain and body in achieving them by enhancing your metabolism and energy.

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7. Practice mindful eating.

mindful eating morning habits for weight loss

Mindful eating allows a person to be fully aware of the emotional and physical sensations that occur while consuming a meal without distractions from outside stressors, which makes it important in terms of morning habits. If you become more mindful of what happens to your body and mind while you eat, you can become better at combating those physical and emotional stressors which cause you to overeat or snack unhealthily. A study, published in Mindfulness, found that participants who practiced immersive mindful eating strategies had significantly lower BMIs than those who did not. If you spare a few moments of your healthy morning routine to sit, eat and enjoy your food in a thoughtful manner, you may notice an enhanced ability to not only bring clarity to your weight loss goals but also to meet them with a day full of smart diet decisions.

8. Change up your commute.

healthy morning habits

Most of us try to make the morning commute as quick and painless as possible, but if your daily hustle out the door is dragging down your weight loss results, you might want to switch things up. If you drive to work every day, consider either biking, walking or taking public transportation (at least part of the way) to get the blood flowing as part of your daily routine to be healthy. If none of these options are possible for your morning habits, you can always park farther away from your work entrance to ensure you get in some extra steps along the way.