8 Ways South Beach Diet Makes Healthy Living Easier

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If you could use a break when it comes to healthy living, nutrition and weight loss, you need to read this. With obligations to fulfill, decisions to make and a hearty to-do list to tackle, you probably don’t have the time to handle a high-maintenance weight loss plan that requires a ton of counting, tracking and extra steps in order to achieve real results. And with the South Beach Diet, you don’t have to.

Here are eight reasons why the South Beach Diet is the perfect solution to healthy living with a busy life:

1. It’s the ultimate convenience.

In order to stay afloat amid a busy lifestyle full of recitals, meetings, errands (and the list goes on), we need to be able to count on a little help from time to time, especially when it comes to healthy living and losing weight. And that’s why the South Beach Diet evolved to what it is today: A convenient weight loss solution that’s up-to-date meals suit the needs of modern-day life, complete with pre-portioned, fully-prepared, delicious meals that fit into every phase of the diet and are delivered right to your front door. It’s like having your own nutritionist and personal chef on staff!

2. It’s easy to follow.

With your first shipment, you’ll get a complete set of guides to help you get the hang of the South Beach Diet plan. The Quick Start Guides show you exactly what to eat and when, for the first two weeks—and all you have to do is cross each meal off as you go. The Daily Planner picks up where the Quick Start Guides leave off, with helpful information for week two and beyond, approved food lists and daily tracker pages where you can write in your meals, snacks, water intake and daily activity to help keep you accountable.

Plus, you can take all of your plan info on the go with the free South Beach Diet Tracker App. The app gives you the freedom to access your plan details on your smartphone or tablet, and the daily journal provides an effortless way to track your food, drinks, activity and weight loss progress. The app is customized to your plan, so as you move through each phase of the diet, you’ll see your daily meal plan updated with what you need to eat to stay on track. You can also enjoy the ease of the built-in barcode scanner for logging your foods and view detailed progress charts to see how far you’ve come.

3. It saves you time in the kitchen.

We know you can use a hand in the kitchen. And with the South Beach Diet plan, most of your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks throughout the week are ready to go for you, no matter how full your schedule gets. This cuts out the need for meal planning, grocery shopping, food prepping, or that last-minute trip to the store to grab the ingredients for Wednesday night’s dinner that you forgot—and that’s a huge timesaver for maintaining your healthy living!

4. It’s flexible to fit your busy lifestyle.

Need to attend a lunch with coworkers? Want to catch up with friends over dinner? With the South Beach Diet, it’s no worry. You can dine out and keep losing weight, thanks to a couple of built in “DIY meals” each week. While DIY means “do it yourself”, these extracurricular eats are ultra-convenient and easy to master with guidelines and restaurant dining tips to keep you on track. This stress-free approach to dieting means you can go with the flow of whatever life throws your way and even enjoy a relaxing meal out to unwind, without the worry of backsliding on the progress you’ve made.

You can also opt to use DIY meals as a time to cook at home with the family (using easy-to-follow recipes found here on The Palm, of course!) and connect over healthy, nutritious food everyone will love. On the South Beach Diet, you’re setting an awesome healthy example for your family, and they might be curious what your food is like or what it feels like to eat the way that you do. DIY meals are a wonderful way to share your experience with them and be a health ambassador for the whole fam.

5. It’s nutrition, simplified.

You know to trust the South Beach Diet for safe and healthy living. You get the optimal nutrient balance that you need for weight loss from proteins, healthy fats and fresh veggies, but here’s the really great thing: You don’t have to do all the work to implement those principles into your daily life. With all of the conflicting diet information out there these days and so much on your plate already, it’s nice to know that with the South Beach Diet you don’t have to do it on your own. The only thing that’s added to your plate is a nutritious, healthy meal plan.

6. It’s great for on-the-go meals.

The freezer-friendly meals from the South Beach Diet store easily in the office freezer for lunches at work, while the no-fridge-needed meals and snacks travel well with you no matter where you need to go. Plus, all of the meals and snacks on the menu require little to no prep time—a couple of minutes max and you’re set to enjoy a delicious meal!

7. It offers boredom-busting variety.

With a robust menu full of delicious options, the South Beach Diet ensures you’ll never get the “dieting blues” that come from eating the same old thing day after day in attempt to keep your nutrient levels balanced for optimal weight loss. Here’s just a taste of what the menu choices are like:

  • Both sweet and savory picks for breakfast
  • Hearty lunch and dinner entrées that range from homestyle comfort to flavors from around the world
  • Filling meal bars that are great for those rushed mornings
  • Shakes for an easy meal on the go (also great for post-workout!)
  • Delicious snacks to suit every craving, from popcorn to chocolate—and everything in between

8. It has the kind of support you need.

Everyone has a different preference or need when it comes to communicating, and for that reason the South Beach Diet offers support from highly trained weight loss counselors and dietitians in a variety of different ways, so you’re never left to go it alone.

By phone (1-888-841-2620), instant online chat or email (gettingstarted@southbeachdiet.com), you can get in touch with someone who can help you navigate every aspect of the program, including food choices, customizing your meal plan to fit a specific dietary need or requirement, and support for dining out or handling healthy eating at a party.

No matter what, you’re never alone. The South Beach Diet has your back—and the type of support that best fits your lifestyle.

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