6 Easy Low Carb Snacks for Busy Days

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Grab and Go Low Carb Snack

With full days of work, taking care of the kiddos, social engagements, errands, housework and more, low carb diet snacks that are quick and easy are a must.

Healthy, low carb diet snacks can help fuel you through your day, but without the right options on hand, it’s easy to fall into the snack trap—rummaging through the pantry, then the fridge, a peep in the freezer, then back to the pantry before finally settling on something carb-y with way too much fat because it’s the fastest, easiest option.

Well, there’s one surefire way to avoid the snack trap—and that’s being prepared. And no, that doesn’t mean hours in the kitchen making energy bites and kale chips (though we do have some amazing snack recipes if you find yourself with a few extra minutes!). Click here to discover some delicious, healthy snack recipes you can make right at home! >

With a little forethought and a few minutes of prep time, you could have healthy, low carb snacks that are ready any time you find yourself in the so-hungry-I-could-eat-the-whole-bag phase (or worse yet, “hangry”). You’ll fill up with nutrients and be less likely to over-do it with refined carbs and then have to fight through the mean sugar crash—or cravings!—that follow.

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Here are six of our favorite grab-and-go, easy low carb snacks—with a good mix of lean proteins, healthy fats and even some veggies:


Hard-boiled eggs are the ultimate on-the-go, healthy, low-carb diet snack. Boil them up at the beginning of the week or grab a pre-cooked bag at the store to save even more time.

If you want to get fancy, sprinkle on a little Himalayan pink salt and fresh-cracked black pepper. If not, they won’t judge. They’ll fill you up with lean protein just the same.


Always make your own to ensure there’s no sneaky sugars added. If your grocery store has a bulk bin section, this can be a great way to change things up each time. Grab some almonds, walnuts, pepitas, unsweetened dried coconut, sunflower seeds or whatever combination calls to you.

When you get home, just toss it all in a large Ziploc bag and give it a good shake, then grab and go throughout the week. Done and done!

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Sounds complicated, right? Fool everyone with this deceptively simple snack. Low-sodium turkey slices for filling protein, avocado slices for heart-healthy, satiating fats and red bell pepper slices for crunch.

Roll them up at home or pop everything in a Tupperware and roll as you go.

Another idea: Pick a different deli slice, swap in another veggie, add a squeeze of mustard. You’re the expert!


Grab some of your favorite low carb diet beef jerky for a protein-powered snack that travels really well.

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What we love about cottage cheese is its versatility. Take it to the sweet side with slivered almonds and a dusting of cinnamon. You could even go savory with fresh, juicy tomato slices and a sprinkle of salt and pepper

Pick up a pack of single-serving cups, stash your toppings in your desk and you’re in business. Quick, no-fuss, filling and delicious.

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Gotcha! OK, but seriously, we saved the best for last. Dark chocolate is completely approved here at South Beach Diet. Just choose a stevia-sweetened version and you are good to go! Enjoy a small square to quickly satisfy a sweet tooth, or melt it to dip almonds or cashews. After a busy day, you’ve earned this one. Go ahead, indulge!