7 Tips for Getting in a Workout on Vacation

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workout on vacation

The last thing you want to think about while having fun on vacation is your weight or working out. But for those of us trying to live a healthier lifestyle, a vacation can mean losing months of hard work in a week of boozing, binging and ditching workouts. While lounging on the beach or exploring a new city, it’s hard to find the time or energy to fit in a traditional workout. Whether it’s taking an evening stroll or waking up early for a run on the beach, there are some easy and fun ways to fit in a workout while you’re on away vacation. Find out how to stay fit and get in a workout without ruining any of your vacation fun!

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Try these seven tips to stay in shape by getting in a work out on vacation!

1. Run or do yoga on the beach.

beach yoga

If you’re vacationing near a beach, you actually have a great place to work out and work new muscles you usually don’t! The sand provides a soft, low-impact surface for running or yoga, so you can get in a good workout on vacation without missing a beat of beautiful views. Running will feel better on the beach because you have a soft surface to cushion the impact of your feet. The sandy surface also means your legs and ankles will work different muscles than you usually do running on a paved road, leading to better muscle tone, balance and more calories burned overall, according to runningclick.com. Just make sure to apply SPF and hit the beach for some low-impact cardio surrounded by surf, sun and sand!

2. Walk everywhere instead of driving.

out for a walk

Save money on gas and use your legs as transportation on vacation! Opt to walk as many places as possible while away, so you can burn more calories and keep your metabolism up. Always choose walking instead of driving to ensure you see all the sights and keep your physical activity up. Whether you’re heading to the store, restaurant or beach, try to walk most of the way so your vacation a seamless part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

3. Go for an early morning swim.


Swimming is an amazing full-body workout on vacation that not only builds endurance and burns calories but relaxes your body and boosts energy. If you want to exercise on vacation without breaking a sweat, go for a refreshing swim early in the morning when there’s likely to be more space in the ocean or pool. Swimming works out your entire body and effectively increases your heart rate, muscle endurance and moods. According to Healthline, swimming has been shown to relieve stress quickly, and the soothing surroundings and cool waves are sure to put you at ease and remind you why it’s a treat to work out while you travel!

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4. Go on a bike tour.

workout on vacation

Enjoy everything your vacation has to offer from the seat of a bike! Biking allows you to enjoy some adventurous sightseeing with your group while also increasing your heart rate with a low-impact activity that’s fun for all. Biking is a great way to explore your chosen destination—burning calories and boosting energy levels along the way. Enjoy biking as an easy, relaxing workout on vacation to help you stay on track with your weight loss progress. For added fun: Rent a surrey to enjoy endless laughs with your friends along with an intense muscle workout!

5. Play beach games.

workout on vacation

If you’re vacationing somewhere with a nice outdoor space, field or beach, get some games going with your group! Mix up the conversation with some fun and easy physical activities that will get everyone moving. Suggest a game of volleyball, badminton, bocce ball or frisbee. You’ll get to enjoy some quality bonding time with your friends or family while sneaking in a workout.

6. Go to a museum or zoo.

workout on vacation

Get some exercise and get cultured at a cool museum or tourist spot when you’re traveling on vacation. Museums and zoos are often large and full of interesting things you can wander around and look at, so you’ll be consistently standing and moving for around two hours. See what your new city has to offer, and bring your crew to a museum or zoo for an exciting way to burn calories without missing a moment of vacation fun.

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7. Take evening strolls.

workout on vacation

Summer evenings are famous for gorgeous lighting, cool breezes and fond memories. Enjoy every minute of your vacation and make sure to go out after dinner to enjoy everything the night has to offer. You can take a romantic stroll on the beach or a thrilling stroll on the boardwalk, but reap the benefits of one last workout before you end the day. There’s always more fun to be had in the summer evenings, so take your friends or a loved one and enjoy a walk by the water and watch the sunset without losing sight of your weight loss goals.