5 Reasons Summer Is the Best Time to Start South Beach Diet

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When it’s time to wear fewer clothes and shed winter layers, it’s time to start South Beach Diet to look and feel your best! Just because summer has started, doesn’t mean you should give up on living healthy—whether you’ve met your weight loss goals or not. Summer is a glorious season when we enjoy fresh farmers’ markets, wear cute bikinis and enjoy active long days in warm weather, which sounds ideal for healthy lifestyles and weight loss goals.

Unfortunately, summer is also filled with fried boardwalk foods, huge barbecues and an abundance of sweet treats at every turn! You may need some assistance or backup when it comes to staying on track with your weight loss goals. Luckily, the warmer weather offers many benefits to make losing weight easier, and along with the help of a smart meal program like South Beach Diet, you can jumpstart your progress this season. Find out why summer is the best time to start South Beach Diet and start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

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Check out the 411 on why you should start South Beach Diet this summer to aid in weight loss and healthy living:

1. What better time to lose weight than bathing suit season?

bathing suit season

Who doesn’t want to look slimmer in their bathing suit this year? Many of us make goals early in the year to get “bikini-ready,” while some even make their New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight in hopes to have a sexier figure by summer. Start South Beach Diet in the summer, and you’ll still have plenty of time to show off sexy legs in shorts and toned abs in beachwear. The South Beach Diet program provides more than just nutritious food, but a foundation for healthy living that will help you keep weight off for good! When it’s warmer, we often wear lighter, more revealing clothing, making us more aware of our bodies. Use this season’s usual fashion to kickstart your mindful eating habits so you can look lean and stay fit from here on out!

2. Use South Beach ready-to-go and easy-to-make meals to supplement your busy summer schedule.

south beach meals

Flexible work hours, long days and holiday weekends are some of the best parts about summer, but there’s never a shortage of things to do, making consistent healthy eating habits difficult to maintain. Whether you’re working hard or having fun all summer long (or a bit of both), make sure to stay healthy, even when you don’t have the time or patience! South Beach Diet provides you with a huge selection and variety of delicious hot and cold meals that are fully nutritional and easy to make in minutes! Say goodbye to “cheat meals” and always make a smart choice with our pre-made meals that are all in line with a health, low carb lifestyle. Keep up with the fun all summer long while sticking to your healthy living with help from the yummy meals, snacks and shakes from South Beach Diet!

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3. Learn how to eat, live and cook healthy with the summer’s fresh produce!

start South Beach Diet

Take advantage of every farmer’s market this summer, grab some fresh produce and cook with seasonal flavors! Choose from hundreds of South Beach Diet’s simple DIY recipes to create easy and delicious meals with all your farm-fresh produce and seasonal flavors! With our principles for low carb, high protein and nutrient dense meal plans, our weight loss program works best when you have access to fresh fruits, veggies, seafood and lean meats. Summer also allows you to get outdoors and grill! Grilling can be a healthy and tasty way to cook your veggie skewers, chicken or lean fish. Losing weight to look great for bathing suit season is great for self-esteem and confidence, but it’s important to sustain these healthy eating habits by getting comfortable with shopping for and cooking with fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients.

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4. Cool off with refreshing South Beach Diet protein shakes and smoothies!

start South Beach Diet

Nothing goes better with summer than a cold, creamy and refreshing treat! Swap ice cream for nutritious and flavor-packed shakes from South Beach Diet to help you cool down this summer. With 20 grams of protein and rich fiber content, our South Beach Shakes will boost your energy and help you kick cravings, so you feel fuller for longer.  Satisfy your sweet tooth and chill out on a hot summer day with our South Beach Diet protein shakes to replace any meal in minutes! If you’d rather get creative, try one of our amazing DIY smoothie recipes to enjoy a sweet mix of tasty and nutritious fruits and veggies from your blender.

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5. Avoid tempting fried and sweet treats with our on-the-go-snacks.

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While summer is famous for beloved snacks everywhere such as boardwalk french fries, creamy frozen treats and BBQ meats, it’s better to curb cravings with healthy choices. With the easy on-the-go snack options from South Beach Diet, you can snack smarter all summer long without relying on unhealthy options that pop up during summer time. Stock up on our transportable sweet and savory snack options to keep your energy levels up all day long. From our Sea Salt-Kissed Nuts and Nacho Puffs to our Double Chocolate Cookie Bites and Meat Snack Stick, you won’t miss out on any of your favorite summer treats while you work toward your weight loss goals!

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