7 Weight Loss Hacks for Busy People

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weight loss hacks

It’s not so tough to lose weight if you’ve got two hours to spend at the gym every day. It’s not so difficult to eat healthy meals if have a personal chef making them for you. Most people don’t have that kind of time or money but need to lose weight. So what are some weight loss hacks to overcome these diet roadblocks? First: Give the South Beach Diet a try. We send you four weeks worth of fully prepared healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners (even snacks and shakes with some plans!). Just heat and eat. Easy.

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But losing weight takes motivation and a change in your lifestyle. How do find time for that part in your busy schedule?

Here are seven of our favorite weight loss hacks for busy people:

1. Watch the Caffeine.


Busy and caffeine go hand-in-hand and caffeine is okay as long as you watch how much you consume (no more than four or five cups per day, says the U.S. Food & Drug Administration) and when you drink it. It typically takes the body four to six hours to metabolize half of what you consume. Here at South Beach, our biggest concern with coffee or tea is the additives. Use only sugar substitutes (like stevia) if you have to sweeten your drink and watch how much cream (or half-and-half) you add. Both cream (full-fat) and half-and-half are permitted on the South Beach Diet, but one tablespoon is considered an Extra; you get three Extras per day.

2. At the Drive Thru?

drive thru

All is not lost. Just don’t look at the bundle meal options. Instead, find the a la carte list and scan for some grilled chicken, a salad, chili, or even bacon and eggs. Restaurants are used to low carb menu requests and can give you a bunless or lettuce-wrapped sandwich, if requested. Keep on top of your weight loss hacks and order unsweetened iced tea, hot or iced coffee or best of all: Water. Here at South Beach, we recommend you consume at least 64 ounces a day or half your body weight in ounces.

3. Have 30 Minutes to Work Out?

weight loss for busy people

You can burn a lot of calories during that time. High-intensity cardio exercises like running or kickboxing get your heart rate up quickly, according to the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine. And when your heart rate is up, you’re burning fat. Interval training—such as sprinting for a minute and walking for five—is another high intensity form of exercise that burns more calories than walking or running at the same pace for 30 minutes. From Tabata timers to actual HIIT workouts, there are plenty of HIIT workouts that you can tailor to your personal workout style.

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4. Or No Time to Work Out?

weight loss for busy people

Don’t beat yourself up. Some days are like that. But make a game plan for tomorrow. Sometimes an early morning jog (or HIIT workout!), before kids, work or life can derail your day, may be your best bet. Plus, research published in Obesity suggests that morning workouts have lots of benefits. A BYU study published in September 2012 found that morning exercisers may have less of an appetite throughout the day. A November 2017 study published in Health Psychology suggests it’s easier to stick to healthy habits if they’re completed in the morning. And, an October 2010 Sage study found that moderate intensity exercise can improve mood for up to 12 hours.

5. No Time to Eat a Meal?

weight loss for busy people

Perhaps one of our most important weight loss hacks—whatever you do, don’t skip a meal entirely. You can find five minutes before your meeting or on your way to soccer practice to eat a Dark Chocolate Nut Bar. Order a 10-Pack Bar Bundle and keep some bars in your desk at work, a few in your purse or briefcase or even in the car. Bottom line: Skipping meals makes you overly hungry which leads to overeating. Eat now; don’t binge later.

6. No Time to Grocery Shop?

weight loss for busy people

Maximize time and plan ahead before heading to the store and purchase groceries for the whole week. When are your DIY meal days? What are you going to prepare? What fresh veggies are you going to enjoy with your South Beach entrees this week—remember, you need three servings a day on our keto-friendly plan. You can save even more time by ordering food online and picking it up after work.

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7. Maximize Your Time.

weight loss for busy people

Now that you have a houseful of groceries (however you obtained them is fine; we won’t judge), you might prep some of tomorrow’s dinner now to save time. This No-Bake Overnight Chia Pudding will taste awesome tomorrow morning—especially since you have zero prep. You could also chop some veggies for that vegetable soup you’re planning for dinner. Oh, and why not portion some soup out for your DIY lunch on Tuesday? The rest of the soup can be frozen for another DIY day.