7 Ways to Help The Pounds Fall Off This Fall

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pounds fall off this fall

With big cozy sweaters and delicious seasonal treats upon us, it might seem easy to let yourself slip up with your weight loss goals this fall. To ensure you stay on track in any season, South Beach Diet offers easy and nutritious meal options to make it possible for you to drop those extra pounds, without having to sacrifice all of your favorite foods. It’s crucial to understand the importance of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to remain on your weight loss journey.

Sometimes when we say goodbye to summer, we also say goodbye to the healthy eating habits we were maintaining during bathing suit season. This fall, you can spice up your fitness and health routines to make those pounds fall off during one of our favorite times of year. You will be donning those cute autumn sweaters—but in smaller sizes! Stay on track to keep your weight low and your happiness high this fall.

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Try these seven tips for fabulous fall weight loss results:

1. Add a New Workout to Your Fitness Regimen.

autumn jog

Studies show losing about 15% of your body weight can be a lot easier than the actual maintenance of your weight loss. After you’ve sculpted your summer body, met your previous fitness goals and found a bathing suit that works, you may be asking yourself what’s next. Many people find themselves in a weight loss plateau, and research from Mayo Clinic explains that this can be caused by your metabolism slowing down once you have shed the pounds.

Try changing up your workout routine with one new fitness activity to surprise your body and stimulate your metabolism— so you can start melting those pounds again. Since it’s fall, running outside, biking, hiking and other outdoor activities can be a great way to treat your body to something other than the monotonous motions of the machines at the gym.

Pro tip: If you’re going for a hike or a bike ride, pack a South Beach Diet meal bar or snack bar and make a day out of it! You’ll get the protein, energy and power you need to keep going!

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2. Eat Five to Six Times a Day With Portion Control.

celery sticks

Eating smaller portions more frequently throughout the day is much more beneficial to your body than eating two or three heavy meals a day. Not to mention, smaller meals are much easier to prepare and grab on-the-go, which means eating healthy will always be at arm’s length— no matter where your day might take you!

We all know the three meals-per-day method leaves room for cravings and often leads to cheating on that healthy lifestyle you worked so hard to build. Studies from Food and Nutrition Online explore the idea of the modern day consumer often being classified as a “snacker”— meaning the American population is thought to prefer snacking over actual meals.  When you get that urge to “snack” remember to reach for something that will provide you with quality nutrition.

Pro Tip: Try swapping out some of your unhealthy snacking habits with a healthy equivalent—ditch the chips and dip for some all-natural peanut butter and celery sticks to continue to shed those pounds!

3. Replace Your Favorite Unhealthy Snack With a South Beach Diet® bar.

meal bars

Going along with the previous tip, eating healthy meals more often will help curb cravings. But, who are we kidding?! — we all have those weak moments every once in a while when the sweet treat cravings kick in HARD. Instead of heading for the vending machines or drive-thru, try keeping a few South Beach Diet® Bars in your bag or your desk so you have them handy at all times.

Whether you are looking for something to satisfy your snacking habit or give you the boost to finish out the day, a meal or snack bar from South Beach Diet can fill you up and give you protein to ensure your body has what it needs to finish strong. These delicious bars come in many flavors (where are my chocolate lovers at?) and can replace any snack or meal on-the-go.

Pro tip: Dump your old snack drawer in the trash and stock up on healthy snack foods from South Beach Diet so you can easily fill each craving with a healthy option!

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4. Swap a Daily Meal for a South Beach Complete™ Shake.

South Beach Complete Shakes

Eating five or six smaller meals a day makes finding something filling to enjoy challenging. So, when you don’t feel like concocting chef-inspired dishes, don’t fret—we’ve got you covered! Try swapping out a meal for one of our delicious (and nutritious) South Beach Complete ™ shakes.

These on-the-go shakes make getting out the door so simple, you’ll want to add them into your everyday routine! With delicious vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors to choose from, shakes from South Beach Diet taste like you’re cheating (but don’t be fooled). These shakes offer the balanced nutrition you need so your body is satisfied, and so are you when you step on the scale!

Pro Tip: Stock up on your favorite flavor shakes ahead of time so you always have them handy! You won’t be sorry when you start to drop those extra pounds.

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5. Write Down and Track Your Weekly Weight Loss Goals.


Writing things down is ALWAYS a good idea when your memory can easily fail you due to the craziness of everyday life. Research done by Michigan State University Extension explains how writing down goals can increase your chances of achieving them.

Try applying this to your weight loss goals! By writing down a list of milestones and goals you want to reach on your weight loss journey, you give yourself the ability to keep track of how close you are to attaining each item on your list. This can be something as simple as running for 30 minutes straight. Write it down! By noting it, you’ll continue to work towards it, and it will feel THAT much more appeasing when you get to cross it off your list.

Pro Tip: Try keeping a whiteboard calendar or journal handy so you can also write down your planned meals for the week. You don’t have to track every meal, but if you can plan ahead you will be more likely to stay on track with your healthy eating habits and less likely to go astray.

6. Keep Convenience Foods Stocked on Your Shelves.


Convenience foods are healthy, require little preparation and can be eaten at any time of the day. South Beach Diet makes it easy for you to stock up and store our delicious foods so you always have a healthy option to choose from.

Don’t have time to do much meal prepping (or grocery shopping for that matter)? We get it— and that’s where South Beach Diet’s ready-to-go foods become a must-have on your weight loss journey. Who doesn’t want the availability to grab an already prepared, healthy and portioned meal? From countless soups, to delicious chicken dishes, these quick-and-easy convenience foods will make your life AND weight loss easier!

Pro Tip: Not sure what South Beach foods are your favorites yet? Check out our menu and order a few to figure out which meal will become your go-to on those REALLY busy days.

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7. Never skip breakfast.


Although it’s tempting to roll out of bed, throw on a warm sweater and head out the door this fall, you may want to add a few minutes to your morning routine (and we do literally mean a few) to grab some breakfast. Whipping up a veggie omelet doesn’t seem feasible with your morning rush? South Beach Diet has delicious breakfasts that can be ready in minutes— we are talking GRAB N’ GO! To check out our breakfasts, click here! >

A Harvard University study found that there is a link between heart problems and those that don’t find the time to eat breakfast. Not only is fasting all night and through the morning bad for your heart, it certainly won’t help your weight loss! That’s right, skipping breakfast can actually cause you to GAIN weight, as it can cause your metabolism to slow down.

Pro Tip: Try pairing your first meal with a large glass of water. Drinking plenty of water also promotes shedding those extra pounds. Keeping up with your water intake is so important—so as you kick off your day with a nutritious breakfast, wash it down with some refreshing water!

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