5 Low Calorie Spices That Taste Like Fall

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Get ready to envelop your taste buds in the cozy, inviting and nostalgic tastes of fall! While less talked about, there are many other staple spices (besides pumpkin and apple) that can season your fall beverages and turn any meal into a full-flavored feast.

It’s a plus that these beloved ingredients are super spices. They contain antioxidant powers that fight disease and inflammation, protecting you during the colder months. If you’re looking for low calorie ways to enhance your favorite fall foods and drinks, keep reading to find out which spices will boost your health and make each bite feel like a warm hug.

Enjoy the flavors of fall with these five low calorie spices:

1. Nutmeg


A versatile Indonesian spice, Nutmeg has many known health benefits. However, it’s mainly used for its beloved warm, nutty flavor—perfect for fall! Nutmeg can be used in seed or ground form and is full of antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, says Healthline. Eating more nutmeg has also been shown to improve cardiovascular health and moods.

According to Healthline, nutmeg complements a variety of savory meats like pork and lamb, as well as nutrient-dense vegetables. You can also combine nutmeg with other favored seasonal spices like cinnamon, clove and cardamom. Additionally, nutmeg is great on a range of desserts and healthier breakfast options, such as smoothies, yogurt and oatmeal. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), one teaspoon of nutmeg has under 12 calories. Add it to your protein shakes for a healthy and flavorful fall treat in minutes!

2. Cinnamon


There’s reason why cinnamon is beloved in so many dishes and by so many people—numerous health benefits and an amazing, cozy, slightly sweet and savory flavor profile. Cinnamon is the iconic flavor of fall that can be sprinkled in anything, from lattes and teas to casseroles and curries. Enjoy this low calorie spice that makes your drinks and dishes taste the way your favorite fall cardigan feels.

Cinnamon is another seasoning that provides powerful health benefits from antioxidants, says Healthline. It is said to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes. A teaspoon of cinnamon has just six calories, according to the USDA. More than just a beloved fall spice, nostalgic aroma and flavorful seasoning— cinnamon is an entire mood.

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3. Ginger


Ginger is a delicious root that’s not shy to boldly enhance Indian and Asian cuisines with its spicy, welcoming and aromatic taste.  Famous for delicious ginger ale and gingerbread, this flexible spice will have you ready to rustle through fall leaves and run through corn mazes after just one whiff! It has long been touted for its versatile use in the kitchen and as a medicinal root.

Due to antioxidant compounds found in ginger, eating it is said to help an upset stomach and promote healthy digestion, says Medical News Today. If you get motion sickness, sipping ginger tea may settle your stomach. It may also provide relief from muscle pain, inflammation and the (dreaded) seasonal cold and flu. Ginger is a calming and comforting spice, great for low-key autumn vibes. Enjoy it raw or ground up and sprinkled on seafood, chicken or smoothies. With just two calories per teaspoon, according to the USDA, ginger will wrap any dish in a cozy blanket of fall flavor—without adding weight!

4. Turmeric


From the same root family as ginger, turmeric also boasts a warm flavor profile. It’s easy to spot with its golden hue that pairs well with fall leaves, sweaters and sunsets. According to Healthline, turmeric also colors curry and other delicious Indian meals, due to a powerful compound called curcumin. Curcumin is an antioxidant that contains anti-inflammatory properties, shown to fight disease, depression and many chronic illnesses. Additionally, curcumin found in turmeric can fight damage from free radicals and improve your body’s own ability to use antioxidants, says Healthline.

This super spice is popular as a medicinal herb that it is commonly taken in supplement form. It is also added to many hearty seasonal dishes, including curry, stir fry, roasted vegetables and chicken soup. According to the USDA, turmeric contains less than 10 calories per teaspoon, making it a worthwhile spice to spread the season’s warmth.

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5. Clove


Clove is a nutritious and sweetly flavored spice, giving off aromas that will get you ready for famous fall flannels and all-weather boots. Enjoy the spicy-sweet tastes of cloves this autumn for just six calories per teaspoon, says the USDA. According to Healthline, it contains fiber, manganese, vitamin C and vitamin K. Cloves have also been said to prevent certain types of cancer, increase liver health and regulate blood sugar.

This low calorie seasoning will pair well with other warm fall foods and ingredients. Add whole or ground cloves to vegetable stews for added depth, flavor and nutritional value. Use it to create yummy, autumnal teas and beverages. You can also add it to lean, meaty dishes for big forkfuls of fall flavor.