The 5 Newest Fitness Trends of 2017 You Should Try (at Least!) Once

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Newest Fitness Trends 2017

Get prepared for your best summer body of all time with the help of the top hottest workouts and newest fitness trends that have emerged in 2017. At home workout plans and inspiring online fitness platforms are a huge help this year, allowing us to fit in fitness whenever we can. You’ll also see new boutique classes, machines and stress-reducing activities popping up that add a little excitement to your weekly sweat sessions.

We all know it’s way easier to motivate ourselves to get healthy when we enjoy what we are doing, so why not get creative with your workouts this year? If you are sick of the same old routines, it may be time to try some of these new inspiring fitness activities to change things up for better results. Check out these five trending workouts that put a new spin on getting toned, so you can find one that works for you!

Sculpt your summer body with the five newest fitness trends of 2017:

1. Floating Yoga

Water and summer are a classic duo, so why not combine them in your workout plan? If you’d like something relaxing but still calorie-burning, get your stresses out with floating yoga, one of the newest fitness trends. It’s also called paddleboard yoga, is a 30-minute workout on top of water. This workout requires you to perform activities like burpees, squats, lunges and more—all while gently floating above a calming, serene pool of blue. This workout is not only fun and interesting, but “yoga on a floating surface requires the highest level of concentration, balance, core strength and mindfulness,” according to the internationally acclaimed instructor, Christelle Chopard. While you are floating, your core is working overtime to keep you balanced. So, naturally, you’ll be burning more than you would with regular yoga. Workouts on land are so last year!

2. Digital Boxing

So boxing and kickboxing have been emerging workout favorites for the past year now, but fellow gym-haters can rejoice in these new at-home boxing sessions. Now, you can bring the intensity and empowerment of this stress-relieving workout right to your living room, as virtual boxing requires little space, time and equipment. Christina DiPaulo, a trainer at Equinox gym, offers her own signature at-home boxing cardio session available on YouTube. So, sweat, sculpt and tone away! You can also check out The Boxx Method, which offers an online program of 15 to 30 minute sessions to do right at home, for less than the cost of a gym membership. Each session can burn around 600 calories and continues to burn them for up to 12 hours after your workout. They even offer a free trial so you can find out if this at home workout works for you!

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3. Crawling

It’s not just for babies anymore, folks. While the idea of crawling doesn’t exactly intend for you to get closer to the carpet, you will be getting back to basics. This workout regimen is grounded in a theory exemplified in the book Movement Matters by Katy Bowman. Bowman explains the benefits of incorporating constant movement into our daily lives to improve our range of motion, flexibility and fluidity. Just as babies crawl to learn to mobilize and strengthen their limbs, adults can also improve mobility, reduce joint pain and stay slim by exaggerating and emphasizing everyday movements. Bowman says, “it’s not about exercise at all, it’s about movement.” So, keep your body moving, while doing everyday activities and enjoy a whole new way to exercise at home.

4. The Megaformer Class

If you want to really feel the burn, challenge yourself with the new inspiring fitness craze that is the Megaformer class. This machine-based class is designed to work every muscle in a way you will surely feel the next day. Developer and innovator of this masterful new fitness machine, Sebastien Lagree, describes it as “a workout that’s going to give you the same kind of results as high-impact activities like weightlifting and running.” This fun and intense workout is basically the best of both worlds. Don’t be intimidated by the scariness of the machine! The Megaformer is going to give you your rockin’ summer body because “it’s going to chisel you and sculpt you and tone you,” so it’s essentially your body’s new best friend. This thrilling new class is sure get your heart racing! Caution: Fast results may occur, be prepared to turn heads.

5. Meditation

The high intensity workouts and 24-hour fitness classes of 2017 are enough to wear you out during the week and deplete your energy. It’s important to take time to balance your mind. Meditation, mindfulness and evening yoga are all great activities for the times when you need to do something for your body, but don’t have much energy to expend. Boutique meditation studios are popping up everywhere, allowing you a way to effectively relax and replenish your body and mind with one of the newest fitness trends. The CEO and founder of the online fitness platform Kenzai, Patrick Reynolds, explains that meditation is, “about bringing mindful choices to your fitness, making small daily tasks that add up to an amazing result.” He also states that his fitness members experience higher success rates with their fitness goals, while participating in meditation and mindfulness therapy. Since you’ll be preparing your body for those upcoming intense Megaformer classes and virtual boxing workouts, meditation totally counts as an inspiring fitness must for this year.

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