7 Ways to Stay Active in Warm Weather

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You’ve worked all year to flaunt that bikini body you’ve been sculpting, so don’t let the heat settle you into a routine of relaxing indoors and snacking on frozen treats. With the long days full of sunshine, warm weather brings lots of opportunities to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors. With so many options, it can be difficult to focus on your workouts and diet while the beautiful weather beckons you to play and relax. It can also be challenging to feel motivated when the intense summer heat makes it harder for you to endure your typical outdoor workouts.

There are plenty of ways you can adjust your fitness routine to suit the season’s sometimes harsh heat to ensure you keep your enthusiasm and energy up and the numbers on the scale down! Don’t use the warm weather as an excuse to slack on your fitness goals or hide inside with the AC on full blast. Stay on top of your summer body and in control of your weight loss goals with these seven ways you can stay active in warm weather.

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We’ve got seven simple ways to increase your energy and stay active in the heat:

1. Start early.

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In the summertime, it’s best to avoid exercising during the hottest period of the day to avoid overheating and dehydration. The sun is at its peak around noon, and the heat will continue to build until around 3:00 PM. Waking up early and going for a jog or run is a great way to not only support your weight loss and healthy lifestyle, but it will also help you stay cool outside and avoid the harshest of the sun’s rays. Many studies support that waking up early benefits your weight loss, mental health and overall lifestyle. A study published in Sleep found that participants with early bedtimes and early wake times had an overall lower risk for obesity and higher activity levels throughout the day than those with late bedtimes and late wake times.

2. Start slowly and dress accordingly.


Wearing light-colored, loose-fitting clothing is the best way to keep it cool and breezy while you’re exercising out outdoors. The American Heart Association recommends wearing specific solar clothing that protects against the sun’s harsh UV rays. You may also want to avoid wearing cotton socks or shirts, as these dry slowly and will cause discomfort as you sweat. It’s also recommended that you start slowly with your workouts and increase intensity as your body adjusts to working out in the hot summer weather. If you normally run for 30 minutes, try either slowing your pace or shortening your run to 15 minutes, then increase the intensity and length of training with each day—making sure to head for shaded areas as much as possible!

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3. Hydrate with a refreshing smoothie.

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Starving yourself or forgetting to hydrate can cause huge issues for your health, especially in the extreme summer temperatures. If you want to stay active and be able to withstand a lengthy workout in the heat, you need to fuel your body the right way. When made with the right ingredients, a smoothie can be both a refreshing treat and a protein-packed snack which can help your body accomplish great things. You can start your day with a smoothie to jumpstart your metabolism or drink one post workout to replenish your body and cool down. Make sure to check out South Beach Diet’s refreshing smoothie recipes and tasty protein-rich shakes, which you can use to aid your weight loss and cool down during the summer!

4. Do a water workout.

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Water workouts are a great way to get in some much needed aerobic exercise in a fun and interesting way. Whether you want to attend a water yoga class, head to the ocean or do laps in the pool, a water workout can strengthen and tone your entire body. Working out in water increases resistance, amplifies energy expenditure and intensifies your overall workout, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You can do some of the same strength training fitness moves you do on land, but in water, as a way to look better in your bathing suit! According to the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, water workouts also offer positive effects for people with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic illnesses. The soothing effects of water and decreased gravity pull help to ease joint movement while decreasing pain.

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5. Do an indoor workout.

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Probably the best way to stay cool in the summer is to stay inside—but make sure you aren’t sitting in front of the TV or sticking around in the kitchen for snacks. You can do one of the many South Beach Diet workouts at home for full-body definition, all while enjoying the cool indoors. You can also pick up activities like digital boxing or, of course, hit the gym and enjoy the nice AC to stay active!

6. Run in the rain.

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Normally, when a rainstorm strikes, our first inclination is to batten down the hatches and take cover indoors. During the summer, rainstorms offer a refreshing twist on the typical run, with each drop cooling your skin as you sweat. A Japanese study published in the International Journal of Medicine found that the amplified intensity of workouts in rain caused a larger expenditure of energy and increased metabolism in individuals. Running outside in the rain can also ensure you to work different muscles than you normally would. With wet conditions and uneven terrain, you’ll be careful to consider each step and work harder to maintain your footing, leading you to use different muscles in different ways for better definition and results.

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7. Take evening strolls.

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As the heat lets up and the sun slowly slinks back down into the earth, the weather cools and a nice nighttime summer breeze may even pick up. This is the perfect time to go for a walk, hike or bike ride to stay active and ensure you’re getting your heart rate up. Take advantage of the long days of the summer and get active in the evening when you can better enjoy (and endure) your routine outdoor fitness activities, minus the sweltering heat overhead!