Our Experts Weigh In: 6 Top Tips for Week 1

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Originally developed by world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston to combat heart disease, it was quickly discovered that the South Beach Diet could also help his patients safely—and easily—lose weight. To date, over 11 million people have turned to the South Beach Diet to help them shed unwanted pounds. And now that the South Beach Diet includes a brand new meal plan which includes delicious, fully-prepared, diet meals and snacks that we deliver right to your door, it’s truly easier than ever to get on board.

As you begin the South Beach Diet, you’ll start with our One-Week Reboot kit. This first week is designed to reset your body’s chemistry for fast or quick weight loss, reduce your cravings for sweet and starchy foods, and prepare your body for the more steady weight loss that will come in the following weeks. With the adoption of a low-carb, low added sugar diet that is high in protein and healthy fat, the pounds will shed fast during phase 1, simply by following the program. But because we want you to have the most weight loss success during the first phase of your weight loss journey, we’ve rounded up some of our top tips to get you started.

Here are six tips for your first week on the South Beach Diet:

1. Prepare to Go Light on the Carbs.

Here’s the secret: Your body looks to convert carbs into fuel first. By lowering refined carbs, your body turns to fat for fuel—your fat! And once your body adjusts, you should no longer crave the junk like you did before.

During the week 1, you’ll fill up on South Beach meals we provide that include lean proteins as well as healthy fats. These foods will help keep you nourished and satisfied while the weight drops off.

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2. Keep an Open Mind.

As you enter the first phase of your weight loss journey, we know it might be a big change for you. If this isn’t how you’re used to eating, it will all feel very new. But in order to be successful, you must be willing to make the changes. Go into week 1 with an open mind and you’ll be setting yourself up for weight loss success. You’ll also be surprised how quickly the first week will pass without refined carbs and how great you will feel!

3. Stick to the Weight Loss Program.

Just as you must have an open mind, you must also be willing to stick to the weight loss program. Any new change may initially feel challenging and you may be tempted to return to your old habits. But you must give it a chance. Losing weight is really as easy as sticking to the weight loss meal plan. Follow through, and you’ll see the pounds shed quickly.

4. Join with a Friend.

It’s always easier to start something new with a friend. Gain (and get!) accountability during phase 1—and going forward—by signing up with a buddy. You’ll appreciate the joy of losing weight even more by sharing the experience with someone else. With our referral program now is a great time to refer a friend and earn dollars off your next meal plan.

5. Plan Ahead.

By being prepared and getting organized in advance, you’ll set yourself up for South Beach success during week 1. Plan to grocery shop and have non-starchy veggies on hand at all times. Put time into chopping them up and separating them into grab and go containers for each day of the week so that you’re prepared for a healthy week 1. Being prepared with healthy options will make it easier to stick to the South Beach Diet plan.

You’ll also enjoy one specially designed South Beach Diet Keto-Friendly Shake and one Dark Chocolate Nut Bar each day, so make sure to have them on hand when you leave for the day. They will help keep you feeling satisfied as you lose weight.

Also, you’ll want to be drinking (at least!) 64 ounces of water a day. Make it easy on yourself, and leave a water bottle at work so you keep drinking all day long. If you tend to go light on the liquids, consider setting “Drink Up” reminders on your phone

6. Let us Support You.

The South Beach Diet plan includes a lot of support that makes it easy to stay on track. When you sign up for the program, you’ll get unlimited access to our expert weight loss counselors who are standing by to answer all your most pressing questions.

We also offer a state-of-the-art mobile app that helps you track what you’re eating and provides South Beach Diet compliant recipes for every phase of your program. We know that you’re busy and that it’s easy to eat more than you realize when you’re not paying close attention. But with our mobile app support, it’s easy to see how you’re doing at all times! And of course, don’t forget to visit The Palm daily for fresh recipes, weight loss tips from our experts and inspiration from people just like you who’ve found success on the South Beach Diet!