5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Slim Summer Body

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Just because the bikini-clad days of summer are over, doesn’t mean you should slide down the slippery slope into the wasteland of winter bodies. Keeping your weight management under control is important throughout every season— no matter what the expected attire may be. Keep that summer body intact with a few simple steps.

Healthy diet and fitness habits should be a lifestyle, and if you want to keep seeing weight loss results, you can’t give up on your routines just because big cozy sweaters will soon be leading your wardrobe. This fall, make a conscience effort to stay on track—keep your mind and body stimulated and active so you can keep up with that killer summer bod (even if it’s hidden under those comfy sweaters!).

Here are the five simple ways you can maintain your summer body:

1. Take Your Workouts Outside.

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Not only will you save money on those expensive gym memberships, but when you move your workouts to the great outdoors, it can positively affect your weight loss and your mental health. A study done by the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry showed an increased feeling of energy, positivity and vitality as effects of outdoor exercise.

Many participants in the study felt more satisfaction with the outdoor workouts and a greater motivation to repeat the workout in the future. When you go outside for exercise, your body gets to experience different natural lighting, inclines and obstacles, thus offering a more thrilling and more effective workout for your whole mind and body.

Try trail running, hiking or even a simple walk amongst the autumn leaves. Whatever you choose to do, get outside and get active so you can enjoy the countless health benefits that help to keep that fit, summer body!

2. Healthy Meal Prep with Lean Proteins and Veggies.

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Just because you won’t be showing quite as much skin during the fall, does NOT mean you shouldn’t stick to your diet regimen. To help you transition from those sweet summer months, avoid snacking by eating lean proteins and veggies so you can feel fuller for longer. That’s a win in itself!

A study done by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition pointed out that those who increased their protein intake by just 15% showed increased weight loss and lower hunger levels throughout the day. This means the protein kept those stomachs feeling full for an extended period of time—count us in!

We suggest you add a lean protein and at least one vegetable to your healthy meal prepping—so try salmon, a hard-boiled egg or lean beef. Eating better quality foods will keep those cravings intact and your summer body in shape!

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3. Wake up Early So You Can Eat and Exercise.

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Waking up early is a necessary evil if you want an overall healthy lifestyle. Early risers generally have a more consistent schedule, healthier sleep patterns and better diet habits. If you want to do your body a favor, wake up early and reap the numerous benefits for your body and mind that come along with hopping out of bed.

A study done by The National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that people who head to bed late and sleep in in the morning are often linked to low physical activity and higher weight status. Changing your morning routine to start earlier can assist with maintaining an overall healthier lifestyle as well (think better eating habits and workouts!).

With extra time to make a balanced breakfast in the morning, you’ll give your metabolism the boost it needs to start burning calories. Combine that with some mild strength training in your morning schedule, and your summer body will surely be here to stay.

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4. Brew Your Own Iced Green Tea at Home.

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The health benefits of green tea are pretty well known, yet most people still drink coffee and soda (crazy, right?). Green tea offers you a similar caffeine boost for those early mornings and long days, while also being great at promoting weight loss. Research published by the University of Maryland Health Center suggests that green tea has the ability to increase metabolic rates and assist with losing those extra pounds.

Packed with antioxidants, green tea also offers many anti-cancer effects, lowers cholesterol and helps with inflammation. Choose green tea when you want something other than water to enjoy for a sweet, yet healthy pick-me-up.

Brewing your own green tea at home is easy and allows you to make a large batch at once—so you always have a healthy drink option at hand! Buy green tea bags at the store, make a large quantity and keep it in a pitcher in the fridge for a refreshing and metabolic-boosting beverage at anytime!

5. Avoid Buying That Tempting Halloween Candy and Shop Smarter.

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Although it’s merely impossible to walk down a supermarket aisle in October without being hit by the overwhelming temptation of Halloween candy, you must avoid those sweet cravings. Around the beloved holiday of Halloween, beware not only of scary costumes, but also of those friendly coworkers who are handing out seasonal treats left and right!

Remember to shop smart at the store and avoid putting snacks (or candy) into the cart. Instead, stock up on our recommended lean proteins, veggies and healthy portioned snacks such as hummus or unsalted nuts. If you practice self-control at the grocery store, you won’t have to deal with the overzealous invitation from the kitchen to grab a sugary snack.