6 Healthy Foods That Are Slowing Your Weight Loss

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Sometimes there is just too much of a good thing. We’ve compiled a list of six healthy foods that might be stalling your weight loss results.

In our perfect world, no South Beach dieter would ever have to experience a weight loss plateau. There is typically no easy answer. Solutions may range from increased exercise, adequate water intake or switching up your menu.

If you seem to be stuck at a certain weight or are barely losing at all, it may be helpful to evaluate the foods you are eating. Read on to find out if any of these healthy foods might be keeping you from reaching your goals.

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Here are six healthy foods that may be slowing your weight loss:

1. Smoothies


Loaded with vitamins, they say. Full of fiber, they claim. Healthy, they imply. However, be warned that store-bought smoothies can be full of hidden sugars. Some brands are made with frozen yogurt, while others add fruit-flavored syrup or juice that is high in sugar. We think that the best way to enjoy a smoothie (without ruining your diet) is to make your own! Use whole fruits and vegetables and remember your recommended serving sizes. You can also throw in a Lean Protein to add extra nutrition and creaminess. Milk, soy or coconut milk, kefir or plain, full-fat Greek yogurt are all delicious options. Check out these nine homemade drink recipes for health and wellness and then try these South Beach Diet-approved smoothie recipes! >

2. MCT Oil


Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are a type of fat found in certain oils and dairy products. MCT oil has been shown to provide quick energy, a better workout and many other benefits (learn more about MCT Oil here! >). It’s a terrific nutrition supplement that is keto-friendly. However, one tablespoon contains about 100 calories according to Women’s Health. Due to its high calorie content, MCT oils must be counted as a Healthy Fat on your South Beach Diet meal plan. They should not be consumed in addition to your daily allotment.

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3. Nuts


Nuts are dense little packages of good fat and protein. They are a healthy, satisfying treat that has been shown to prevent heart disease and diabetes, according to Harvard Health. Eating nuts daily has also been linked to a longer, healthier life. However, nuts lose their nutritional value when they’re heavily salted, honey roasted or mixed into spreads with unhealthy fillers. We recommend eating raw, boiled or dry roasted nuts as a Healthy Fat. Proper portion sizes are also key, so take the time to measure and count. The calories in these little guys can add up fast. Not sure how much to eat? Check out the South Beach Diet grocery guide! >

4. Protein Bars

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The protein bar aisle can be difficult to navigate. The boxes in front of you say things like “natural”, “high protein” and scream “I’m healthy!” Marketing jargon is clever and persuasive. However, the nutrition facts and ingredient list will tell you everything that you need to know. Many protein and granola bars are filled with added sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. Before you buy a “healthy” snack (or any processed food for that matter), flip the box over and do an in-depth read.

5. Dark Chocolate

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Dark chocolate is filled with minerals. According to Healthline, magnesium, iron, copper, potassium and more can be found in this sweet treat. Dark chocolate has also been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. However, hidden ingredients might be lurking in your favorite bar. Many dark chocolate bars contain added sugars, fats and other ingredients. When looking for a chocolate bar, Healthline recommends choosing dark chocolate that is at least 70% cacao. Avoiding added sugars is also key to eliminating empty calories that cause weight gain. Moderation is also very important with this ingredient, so try to stick to one or two squares to fill that chocolate craving. Remember that all foods can be enjoyed in moderation and it’s better to have a small treat instead of depriving yourself.

6. Salad

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There’s nothing wrong with ordering a salad at the drive-thru. It’s often the best option in a sea of unhealthy choices. However, be wary of the dressing you add. Low fat salad dressings are often stripped of the healthy, unsaturated fats and enhanced with sugar for flavor. The amount of dressing you add is also important, so try to stick to a two-tablespoon serving for use as a Healthy Fat. When ordering or preparing your own salad, you should also beware of too many non-veggie ingredients. While chicken, bacon, avocado and cheese are all healthy foods, you could be exceeding your portions by eating them all at once.

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