5 Easy Moves to a Way Better Bum

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woman doing bum exercises at home

Attaining a better bum is as easy as five simple steps. Say goodbye to the days of being intimidated by machines at the gym and jeans that don’t seem to give you the definition you’d like in the behind area. Getting the bum you’ve always wanted (but thought was never possible) can be done in your very own home with these booty burner workouts. Yes, you read that correctly—it’s possible to get a better behind while doing a few easy bum exercises at home in your living room that will tighten up that buttocks!

Contrary to popular belief, working those butt muscles can be super simple as long as you are doing the moves correctly. That’s why we’re here to help you out with this at home glutes workout! We’ve explained each move for you to better understand the home exercises.

You may ask—why use bum exercises for any other reason than showing off your results in your favorite jeans? Well, the benefits of tightening your tush far exceed the desire to slip on those jeans. According to Women’s Health, strong glutes can promote a stronger body in general. That’s right—toning it up is very important for almost all physical activity, as the glutes are the largest muscle group in the body. Aside from being the area that our body draws much force from when engaging in physical activity, stronger glutes also protect joint and strengthen our backs, which helps to lessen the possibility of back pain that often comes along with partaking in anything straining.

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Here are five easy glute exercises for a way better (and stronger!) bum:

1. Squat Jump

Woman doing squat jump in 3 steps in side view, Illustration about workout.

This is one of the best squats for glutes. With your feet shoulder-width apart, quickly drop your bum to the floor in a sitting position three times. On the way up from your third squat drop, using your butt and core muscles, explosively jump up in the air. As you land, drop back down into the initial squat position. Repeat this glute building exercise for ten repetitions.

2. Straight Leg Deadlift

Women doing dumbbell deadlift workout in 2 steps.

With your feet shoulder-width apart, knees straight and free weights in each hand, lower weights directly toward feet by bending at your hips and keeping your knees straight. Repeat this glute building exercise for ten reps.

3. Reverse Lunges

Illustrated exercise guide of woman doing reverse Lunges

Standing upright with feet shoulder-width apart, slowly and precisely lunge right leg backwards, lowering your hip so that your left knee is positioned directly over your left ankle. Your right leg should create a 90-degree angle once lunged backwards. Replace right leg to initial standing position and repeat motion with left leg lunging backwards. Complete ten reps on each leg.

4. Weighted Kick Backs

Woman doing kick back exercise

This is an amazing exercise for building glutes with weights. While on all fours, place free weight on back of right knee. Begin to squeeze the free weight in place by raising right leg into the air and quickly, yet precisely, dropping it back down to the floor. Complete ten reps on each leg.

5. Lunges

Illustrated exercise guide of woman doing Lunges

This is one of the best glute muscle exercises without weights. Standing upright with feet shoulder-width apart, lunge right leg forward. Lower hips toward the ground until both knees are bent at 90-degree angles. Replace right leg to upright position and repeat motion. Do ten repetitions on each leg.

For the best results, complete three sets of all moves. Be sure to take a two-minute rest in between each set!

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