8 Tips From Our Weight Loss Experts

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As you can probably guess, our weight loss experts have heard just about everything when it comes to the details of the South Beach Diet. They know the plan inside and out. And what’s more—they’re full of amazing knowledge to help you along your weight loss journey.

Check out these helpful tips that are straight from South Beach Diet experts:

1. Veggies and water are key to success.


As your body gets used to your new way of eating on the South Beach Diet, you might come across a craving here or there. But did you know that thirst can actually be the catalyst for these pesky cravings much of the time? Yep, dehydration is likely the cause, and a good old-fashioned glass of H2O is the cure.

When you feel hunger or a craving coming on, make sure to ask yourself if you’ve had at least one cup of water within the last hour. If the answer is no, bottoms up! Then wait 15 minutes and see if you’re still hungry. If so, grab a quick snack of your favorite non-starchy vegetables. With a high water content and lots of filling fiber, they can help take the edge off cravings.

Does the thought of water give you an instant case of the “blahs”? We get it. Try fancying up your water servings with some free foods, that is, anything with 10 calories or less and one gram of carbohydrate or less per serving (get the definitive guide to extras and free foods right here! >). Squeezing lemon into your unsweetened iced tea or water servings can make all the difference in the world. And if you’re feeling adventurous, make your own spa water with cucumber slices and fresh mint leaves—and get ready to feel refreshed!

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2. Upsize your meals with non-starchy veggies.


Here’s a great little trick to add some volume to your meals—mix in some of your favorite non-starchy veggies! They make good sauce-soaker-uppers, and the extra bulk helps your mind see a bigger portion of food, which helps you feel more satisfied and less restricted (this is especially helpful when you’re just starting out on a diet). Not to mention all the extra vitamins and nutrients your bod gets to soak up in the process! Tuck a bed of creamy mashed cauliflower under steak or serve some spiralized zucchini with baked chicken. Yum!

3. Everyone is different.

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As you know, everyone is different. So what might work for your friend, neighbor or family member might not work for you! With that being said, it’s important to keep in mind that those living with diabetes, looking to lose over 100 pounds or exercising more than 30 minutes a day require more fuel (aka calories) to burn (aka fat!).

4. Pump the breaks during week one.


Your body will be going through so many changes in the first seven days of the South Beach Diet that we truly want you to take it easy physically and really listen to your body. Yes, that means we’re serious about only walking 30 minutes or less (don’t worry—you’ll get to ramp your activity up starting in week two)! If you have a more active job or daily routine, you might want to add in additional foods on week one—but again, take it easy and pay attention to how your body is feeling. That is key!

5. It’s normal to feel your body adjusting to less sugar.


Cutting down on sugar in your diet can be difficult and your body might experience a natural detox period, depending on what your intake was like before starting the South Beach Diet. But by the third day or so of week one you should feel an overall improvement. One big reminder if this is something you’re experiencing: Don’t cheat on your veggie and water servings! These two things are what will make the difference between “I’ve got this” and “Help me!”.

6. Tell EVERYONE you know that you’re on the South Beach Diet.

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The more people that know you’re on the diet, the more supporters and fans you will have cheering you on. And there’s nothing quite like a personal pep rally to keep you on target!

Being upfront about your new way of eating also helps with removing any awkwardness you might experience when declining unhealthy options at social gatherings. Pro tip: You’ll quickly realize that everyone will be coming to you when they’re looking to get healthy!

7. Do what you LOVE.


While on the South Beach Diet, some of us will force ourselves to eat things we have never eaten before or things we strongly dislike. Yes, it’s great to expand your palate, but at the same time, if you’re forcing something that you just plain don’t like, you’re going to be more likely to not want to do it! For example, if you simply can’t stand eating steamed broccoli—don’t force yourself. Enjoy the sautéed spinach, mushrooms, peppers and onions that you love instead!

8. The South Beach Diet is FLEXIBLE!

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Don’t get too caught up in the structure of the plan—it’s simply there to make things easier, which is great for most people when they’re getting started. However, as everyday life unfolds, you might want to move things around to make the plan work better for your schedule or your preferences. So rest assured: As long as you eat everything that is listed out for your day, you’re golden!