How to Stay Social While Social Distancing

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social distancing tips to stay social

It’s no secret that times are tough right now. The world is essentially grieving an old way of life and trying to find solace and social connection in a new one. Amidst the necessary separation, we’re turning to our computers, tablets and phones more than ever. While still being cognizant of screen time and the mental and optical fatigue it can cause, cutting time out of our work-from-home schedules and Netflix binges to connect with people is super important! Luckily, we have come up with a myriad of ways for you to stay social while social distancing!

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social distancing

First, you must check out This company has created online games to play with friends no matter where you are. With a few free games and then individual and party packs available for purchase, Jackbox Games has changed the face of social distancing. Using your phones or tablets as controllers, you can play with up to ten players at a time. Up the ante a little more and get on a video call, share a screen and watch your answers get projected like a real-life game show.

The best part is there’s no app needed—simply join the games using a web browser and save that extra space on your device storage. Their games include things such as Quiplash, a battle of wittiness in which you answer simple prompts with the funniest answers you can think of. Another game is Fibbage, a fib-til-you-win trivia game! There’s Trivia Murder Party, Dictionarium, Push the Button, Role Models and endless other games that are sure to entertain even the toughest crowd.

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If games aren’t your thing, maybe learn a TikTok dance! If you haven’t heard of or been on the app taking social media by storm, hop on it! TikTok is a platform for 60 second videos—like a newer updated version of Vine (where are my millennials?). The app is known for its catchy, trendy songs and dance challenges. You can “duet” or split screen with an original dancer to learn their moves. Once you’ve mastered it, record yourself and post to the public or simply share with friends.

It sounds simple… a 60 second dance, right? Wrong! You won’t even believe the sweat you’ll break trying to do these moves and perfect the routines. It’s a workout and a fun way to connect with the world online. Plus, it’s also a great way to get in your 30 minutes of recommended exercise on your South Beach Diet plan.

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Dancing isn’t for everybody, we get that. So maybe extend the scope of your social life by going on virtual museum tours with friends. According to Business Traveller, some of the world’s most famous museums are offering free virtual tours!

Take a simulated trip to France and explore The Louvre’s Egyptian antiquities and the remains of the Moat. Imagine you’re in the Netherlands and explore the country’s pristine Van Gough Museum, which allows you to look at the art pieces up close. Dreaming of Italy? Take this chance to go on a virtual tour of The Vatican Museum, which boasts a 360-degree view of the Sistine Chapel!

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These are certainly not the only ways to creatively stay connected during a time of social distancing. Hop on some video chats with friends and family. Write your grandmother, friend, aunt or niece a letter—yes an old-fashioned letter! Take a virtual workout class, join a webinar (so many universities are offering them for free online). Host a family game night via video chat—charades, Pictionary or chess. Do not let quarantine keep you from bonding with others. As the people stay separate, the world comes together.

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