Your South Beach Diet Guide to Success

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Congratulations on taking the steps toward living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. With the South Beach Diet, you’re given the flexibility you need to allow healthy living to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. And let’s face it: We’re all busy with work, families and the craziness that life brings! With the help of our ready-to-go food options paired with your DIY meals, South Beach makes low-carb-living completely attainable (and delicious) with a little help from our guide to success.

Wondering what a DIY meal is? DIY stands for “do-it-yourself” meal. That’s right—on the South Beach Diet, you have the opportunity to whip up some of your favorite dishes, all while losing weight. Need some recipe inspo? We’ve got you covered. Check out our amazing recipe page that includes tons of South-Beach-approved DIY breakfasts, lunches, dinners AND snacks!

Given that your South Beach Diet meal plan provides you with so much flexibility, you might be feeling overwhelmed with your “do’s” and “don’ts” while dieting. Don’t worry! That’s exactly why we’ve created this handy, dandy South Beach Diet guide to success to provide you with ALL the information you’ll need to succeed during each phase of the South Beach Diet.

Now check out our guide to success to learn everything you need to know about the South Beach Diet:

Grocery Guide >

grocery guide

To kickoff our guide to success, let’s get started with some grocery shopping. On the South Beach Diet, you’ll be incorporating DIY meals into your meal plan. These meals require adding a few of your own grocery items to your weekly menu. Aside from DIY meals, you’ll also be adding veggie servings to many of your South Beach foods. In order to feel fully confident in walking down the ever-tempting grocery aisles without inadvertently putting anything and everything into your cart, we’ve created a full grocery guide that lists  Proteins, Healthy Fats, Veggies and Extras that are all South-Beach-approved.

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Dining Out Guide >

dining out

An important part of our guide to success is understanding what to choose when you’re in real-life situations, like dining out. Many fad diets completely restrict you from enjoying a night of dining out with your friends. That’s what makes the South Beach Diet so attainable. You’re allowed to eat all your favorite foods with a few simple guidelines—and that goes for dining out, too. We’re here to give you all the information you need while heading out to eat.

Dining out does not have to completely cancel out all the hard work you’ve put in to leading a healthy life. In fact, using dining out as a DIY meal is perfectly acceptable on the South Beach Diet! Apply all the principles you have learned from our awesome grocery to the menu when you are out to eat. Want the Cobb Salad but notice it’s made with fried chicken and loads of dressing? Ask for grilled chicken instead and the dressing on the side. Want the hummus as an app, but see that it’s served with pita bread you KNOW you’ll overindulge in? Ask for carrots, celery, bell pepper or cucumber to dip into the hummus instead.

Regardless if you are at a Mexican, American, Italian or Chinese restaurant, there are always tips and tricks to stay on track while still enjoying your meal.

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Week 1 >

phase 1

Week one on the South Beach Diet is all about rebooting your body with seven days of eating fewer carbs and more Proteins and Healthy Fats. It’s a seven-day body reset in which your body will adjust to using fat as energy, rather than what your body is typically used to—which is using carbs for energy. By following this low carb approach, your body begins to burn excess fat, which in turn, causes weight loss—it’s that simple!

We’ve got this first week completely mapped out for you. You’ll get five days of South Beach meals and snacks that have been specially selected to provide you with the exact amount of nutrients needed to jumpstart your weight loss journey. These South Beach meals along with your DIY meals are paired with shakes and bars, which will be enjoyed as delicious morning and afternoon snacks each day.

Aside from the tasty South Beach meals, snacks and shakes, and delicious meals you prepare yourself, you’ll also be adding in at least three servings of non-starchy veggies each day. Unfamiliar with what veggies are considered non-starchy? Click here to find out the ins and outs of non-starchy veggies >

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Week 2 and Beyond >

phase 2

Week two and beyond of the South Beach Diet is all about your body easing into steady weight loss from the transformational effects experienced in your first week. Your body no longer looks to carbohydrates as its first source of fuel, and your body now burns fat—your fat—for energy.

In your Weight Loss Phase, your meal plan will be slightly different. You’ll have more  flexibility with your grocery additions and DIY meals. Just like in week one, you’ll get to use your creativity in the kitchen! You will continue incorporating in your DIY meals. Each week, you will include two DIY breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You will continue eating your South Beach entrees and drinking your South Beach shakes, along with adding in at least five servings of non-starchy veggies each day.

After sticking to only non-starchy veggie servings in week one, you’ll begin incorporating some new veggies into your meal plan—say hello to starchy veggies! On our program, you will limit your net carb intake to 50 grams or less per day. This allows you to incorporate starchy vegetables and healthy carbohydrates in moderation.

You will remain on your Weight Loss Phase until you have reached your goal weight, in which you can move on to our weight maintenance phase: South Beach Diet Success

Pro tip: During your Weight Loss Phase, you should continue to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of fluid each day and fit in at least 30 minutes of physical activity.

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Maintenance >

guide to success

Congratulations on your weight loss! If you are entering South Beach Diet Success, this means you have officially reached your goal weight and are beginning the transition to weight maintenance. You rock!

This part of our handy guide to success is the best part! On South Beach Diet Success, you can pick your favorite South Beach snacks and entrees off our awesome A La Carte menu for those on-the-go days when cooking isn’t an option. You can steadily increase your DIY meals each week until you are fully comfortable in the kitchen creating your own South-Beach-approved dishes.

To make this transition even easier, we will provide you with color-coded containers, which make your meal prep MUCH easier. These color-coded containers coincide with the proper portions for Proteins, Healthy Fats, Vegetables, Fruits, Good Carbs and Extras.

Just like in your Weight Loss Phase, you will continue to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of fluid each day. However, we recommend increasing your physical activity to 60 minutes per day and your non-starchy Vegetable servings to six per day.

You are AMAZING, and we know you can keep up with this healthy lifestyle you have created for yourself. And when in doubt, just head back here to brush up on your guide to success to remember the ins and outs to healthy living!

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