Liven Up Your Locks With These 7 Foods for Healthier Hair

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Are you in a hair slump? Is your hair a continuous hot mess that forces you to throw it in a bun and call it a day? Many people want healthier hair but aren’t sure how to get there. The problem may not be hereditary or due to the products you use, and it may not have to do with how often (or infrequently) you wash your hair.

Instead, studies have shown that your diet has a big impact on what’s going on up there with your hair. So, before you invest in a 20-pack of hair ties, try eating more of these seven diet-friendly foods, which could enhance the health and beauty of your strands so you can truly let your hair down:

1. Olive Oil

The benefits of olive oil are essentially endless and since it’s a healthy fat that you need in your diet, you can eat it guilt-free. While we have been trained to scoff at the idea of willfully adding fat to our diet, healthy fats are indeed the key to attaining those lustrous locks you see on the covers of magazines. You can use olive oil while cooking or even add a teaspoon to your next salad to get those salon-shiny strands.

Tip: if you’re feeling extra adventurous, try adding some olive oil directly onto your strands and prepare for head-turning, healthier hair.

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2. Salmon

Another powerhouse, healthy fat your body will thank you for is fish. Salmon is chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids, which help open the hair follicles on your scalp, allowing faster and healthier hair growth. You can easily find canned salmon in water at the grocery store to add to a salad, eat alone or even mix with fresh veggies. Salmon not your thing? Try anchovies, mackerel or sardines to get the same effect.

3. Almonds

If you have a fear of seeing more hair on your brush than on your head, you can combat hair loss with a simple, healthy addition of almonds to your low carb diet. Your daily food intake may be missing magnesium, which is vital for hair growth and over 300 other functions in our bodies. Nearly 70 percent of American adults who don’t consume enough magnesium have reported the telltale signs of hair loss. Needless to say, you need this mineral in your high protein diet. Almonds, as well as cashews, lentils and even brown rice, can offer the nutrients needed to keep a thick, unflappable mane atop your head.

4. Eggs

Long, thick hair is forever a sign of beauty, youth and health. Yet, we all know the endless list of magic supplements, celebrity-endorsed hair products and outlandish, upside-down rituals that are suggested to achieve the coveted long hair look. But the answer may be as simple as opening your fridge. Egg yolks are packed with vitamin B, which is associated with healthier hair, skin and nails. You can also try avocado, cheese or peanuts, but we like eggs because they go with just about everything and are easy to buy and keep at home. Try eggs on your salad, with some avo-toast or poach them up and eat ‘em to go for a healthy food that will leave you a with a mermaid-like mop of hair.

Tip: you will be asked for your secret to long hair so don’t be shy to say you did it the natural way.

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5. Beans

As we said before, baldness in men and women may be due to something less nefarious than genetics or damaging hair products. Eating iron-rich foods can greatly eliminate your chances of losing your beloved strands, and what’s more, beans can be a great source of iron! You’ll get a beautiful (emphasis on full) head of hair by ensuring you opt for beans with your salads, tacos, chili and other food favorites. All legumes are proven protein heroes and will give you the right stuff to grow and grow your hair to Rapunzel-like lengths.

6. Dark Leafy Greens

If your tresses are looking tired, broken or just plain worn out, you may need to give them an all-natural pick-me-up. Leafy greens like spinach and broccoli are rich in vitamins A and C, which naturally produce an oil-like conditioner on your scalp called sebum. Carrots, kale and sweet potatoes are also loaded with hair-healthy vitamins. So, skip the split ends and harmful hair products by making your own natural hair mask simply by eating delicious nutrient-rich greens and veggies.

7. Red Bell Peppers

Another great source of vitamin C is red bell peppers which are not only adorable, tasty and good-on-their-own, but they help with iron absorption, which helps promote hair growth. Just half a cup of these red wonders will give you more than enough of your daily intake of vitamin C (150 percent to be exact), which will help keep your hair growing full, healthy and strong. You can also try an orange or another other citrus fruit to show your strands the same love.