Get Set for Weight Loss Success with 5 Simple Tips

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As you move deeper into your South Beach Diet journey, you’ll continue to develop healthy habits that will become part of your normal routine. Our program is designed to help you achieve steady weight loss and to teach you how to make the South Beach Diet nutrition principles a regular part of your life. All of this is setting you up for changes that will last a lifetime.

During your first week, you stuck mainly to the South Beach Diet meals we provided in your One-Week Reboot kit. Going into week two, you’ll transition into your weight loss phase where you will learn how to eat a balanced, versatile diet. Our customers often tell us that they never realized healthy eating could be so delicious. Because of this, it’s something that will easily become part of your lifestyle.

As you prepare to develop these healthy habits, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips for weight loss to help you succeed on the South Beach Diet.

1. Stock Your Pantry for Success.

The South Beach Diet sets you up for lifelong healthy changes that will ensure your weight loss is a long-term solution. The transition toward lifelong healthy eating really begins to take a foothold during Phase 1 of your South Beach Diet journey. To make sure you get off on the right foot, hit the store to grab all of the essentials you’ll need (think fresh veggies, high-quality proteins and healthy fats).

It sounds simple, but sometimes just having the healthy foods on hand is the biggest key to success. Re-stock your pantry with healthy nutrient-rich snacks instead of unhealthier empty calorie sweet treats. Check out the Recipes section on The Palm for ideas for your DIY meals and snacks, and be sure to grab the ingredients in advance

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2. Make Your Water Yummy.

On the South Beach Diet, we recommend that you drink half of your body weight in ounces of fluid each day. Water is such an important part of losing weight as so often people think that they’re hungry when it’s actually thirst they’re experiencing. Water helps you feel full longer and has a host of other good health benefits. However, getting in enough H2O isn’t always easy, so we suggest you make your water a bit more fun. You can toss in herbs (think basil or mint) or cut-up fruit and cucumbers to add natural flavor. You can even freeze cut-up fruit in ice-cube trays and pop them in every time you fill your cup or travel water bottle. If fizz is what you’re after, consider sparkling water.

3. Do Your Prep.

As part of South Beach Diet, you will begin to have to have the flexibility to eat on your own. You’ll pick when to enjoy your DIY breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Dine out at a restaurant for lunch one day or cook a delicious and healthy meal at home another day—our recipes and guides make it simple. Take some time to scroll through The Palm for South Beach-approved recipes and build your shopping list and menus for the week before you go grocery shopping. Look at your calendar for the week and decide what days are best to have your DIY meals. Do you have a work dinner? Dinner with friends or family?  Plan around your events. That’s the beauty of having the flexibility to make a few meals of your own while on the program. And don’t forget about snacks! On Sunday afternoon (or whenever you have some down-time), take an hour to cut up all your fresh veggies, boil your hard-boiled eggs and prep what you’ll need to set you up for the week. The more you can just “grab-and-go” or easily assemble at dinnertime, the easier it will be to stick to the diet plan.

4. Use Your Resources.

One of the great things about the South Beach Diet is all of the support that you receive. The South Beach Diet Grocery Guide and Meal Planner includes handy information and helps you track your daily meals. This becomes more important than ever after week one, as you’ll begin to dine out again with your family and friends. You have access to all of our expertly trained weight loss counselors who are standing by to answer your questions. You also get access to the FREE South Beach Diet Tracker app, which includes a lot of this helpful information in a digital format. Including a free digital weight and food tracker, dining out guide, and fitness recommendations, this app integrates with other fitness devices. As you begin to transition toward lifelong healthy habits, these tools will support you on your journey.

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5. Get Ready for Steady.

If you followed the first week of South Beach Diet correctly, your body is in fat burning mode and you’ve reduced your cravings for sugar. Now it’s time for steady weight loss. During your weight loss phase, you can expect to lose an average of one to two pounds per week. Not only is this a safe and healthy amount of weight loss, it’s also sustainable. So, it can help you stay slim and healthy for life.