5 Brilliant Freezer Hacks for Storing Your South Beach Diet Food

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Congratulations! You’ve made the life-changing decision to try the South Beach Diet. Which means you’re about to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life. Exciting stuff, right? Trust us: You’re going to be very happy you took this important step.

While you wait for your first order to ship, you’re going to want to make space for all of the delicious diet food that’s coming your way. Since we’ll be sending you several weeks of diet meals frozen at the peak of freshness, you’ll need to store much of your diet food order in your freezer.

Because many of our customers are pleasantly surprised by just how much prepared diet food they receive, we’re serving up some helpful hints to make sure you (and your freezer!) are set for low carb diet success.

Watch the quick video above  for five easy freezer hacks that will help maximize your freezer space, then read on for further explanation of the five things you should do immediately after you place your South Beach Diet order. You’ll be more than ready for the exciting journey ahead!

Visit your My Account > Order History page to find out exactly how many diet meals are coming your way. Then, use these guidelines to help you determine just how much freezer space you’ll need to free up:

• In a counter depth fridge with a horizontal freezer, you can fit about 50 to 60 diet meals.
• In a counter depth fridge with a pull-out bottom freezer, you’ll fit 60 to 65 diet meals.
• In a standard sized fridge with a vertical freezer, you can fit about 80 to 85 diet meals.

Of course, everyone’s freezer is different. But these general guidelines should help you get an estimate of the space you’ll need.

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If you’re like most people, your freezer is jam-packed with leftovers from the Stone Age, bags of vegetables full of freezer burn, and other foods that are well past their prime. Take this opportunity to get rid of all the excess. You’re about to make a major life change. What better way to kick it off than with a good old fashioned freezer clean out? New freezer, new you!
While you’re at it, think about tossing some of the sweet temptations that could wreak havoc on your weight loss success.

This was the approach taken by South Beach Diet success story Scott Szymanski. He says, “You are about to change your lifestyle, your eating habits and your overall well-being. Get prepared for the shipment coming in by emptying your freezer of everything that does not support your goals. We found items that, in all honestly, should have been tossed a very long time ago. We also found foods that were not lean proteins or vegetables and we knew we didn’t want to go back. We got rid of it… almost all of it. By doing so, we freed up quite a bit of space for our incoming food.”

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For veggies and healthy leftovers you do want to keep, reassess how you’re storing them. If your freezer is packed with stacks of bulky Tupperware containers, move your leftovers into freezer bags that you can lay flat or fit in your freezer door shelves.
Once your shipment arrives, if you’re still pressed for space, consider removing your ice bin for a few days (in some freezers, removing the ice bin means freeing up space for six more meals!). And don’t forget to maximize the room available on your freezer door shelves.

Another space saving hack? Once your diet food order arrives, remove your One-Week Reboot kit meals from the boxes in which they came. Then label each dish with the meal name and cooking instructions. Note: You may want to add the labels to the sides of your containers as this will make it easier to identify the dish you’re looking for when the diet foods are stacked.

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If your family has called dibs on most of your freezer space, you may have to get a little creative.

If you plan to eat some of your meals at work (think breakfast and/or lunch), spend some time now scoping out your freezer situation at the office. If the freezer is an empty graveyard of ice cubes, consider bringing a few day’s worth of weight loss meals to work once your food arrives.

Other customers with jam-packed freezers recommend investing in a small, portable freezer. A 1.1 cubic foot freezer will hold about 19 frozen diet meals (you can find these freezers on amazon.com or Walmart.com for under $150). A 3.5 cubic foot freezer will fit a little more than 40 to 50 of your South Beach Diet meals, and a 5.0 cubic foot freezer will hold even more than that.

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If you find that your first diet food order contains too many frozen meals for the space you have, you can always customize your next order so that it includes more shelf-stable products like bars for breakfast and more grab-and-go items for lunch. Keep an eye out for emails announcing new diet foods! Helpful hint: In the Menu section, items with a snowflake symbol next to their name are frozen foods.