Weight Loss Motivation Running Low? 3 Ways to Reach Your Goal

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weight loss motivation

In the middle of a stressful day, your coworker surprises you with a big brownie. You’ve overhauled your yard, and all you want is a tall margarita. Food comforts. It rewards. And, it’s absolutely everywhere—especially the not-so-healthy-stuff. While occasional indulgences are okay (you’re more likely to stick to your diet if you allow yourself a small bowl of ice cream or a few French fries), repeated splurges or binges add up. If you’re indulging every day and you’ve lost your weight loss motivation, you need support.

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Check out three ways to get your weight loss motivation back and reach your goal:

1. Find That Before Picture.

before picture

You know…the picture you use as weight loss motivation. The one where you didn’t want to get in the photo. You don’t want to look like the person in that photo. So put it front and center on your desk at work or on your bathroom sink—somewhere really visible. That way you can constantly remind yourself why you should fill up on veggies instead of going for that slice of cake.

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2. Take a Dollar for a Pound.

weight loss motivation

Get yourself a piggy bank. Every day you stay on track, drop in a dollar. When you lose a pound, drop in 10 or 20 dollars. By the time you reach your goal weight, you’ll have a nice little sum to spend on a new outfit, a day at the spa or a trip to your favorite city or seaside town. Still a ways off from your goal weight? Decide how you’ll spend the money and count what you’ve got. Then, set a series of realistic, specific goals (like I will lose two pounds in two weeks) to help you earn the money.

3. Get a Workout Buddy.

weight loss motivation

Friends motivate and also hold you accountable. You’re letting them down if you decide you’re too tired to exercise. So partner up with a neighbor, coworker or friend. Or, ask someone you see every time you go to the gym if you can work out together. Group exercise classes like body pump, yoga, spin or Barre are terrific motivators. Having a set start time forces you to get there and to work out for an hour or until the class ends. Plus, the more you go, the more likely you are to make friends who will challenge and encourage you to do your best.