How to Stock Up Your Kitchen for a Quarantine

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How to Stock Up Your Kitchen for a Quarantine

With the recent scare of sickness sweeping the nation, many of us are stocking our homes with household essentials. While cleaning supplies are important, keeping yourself and your family healthy and well-nourished is essential. Fill up your pantry and fridge with smart, nutritious items recommended by our Registered Dietitian. Check out her list of the top foods to stock up on during a quarantine and rest assured that your kitchen is full of healthy, nutritious meals.

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Canned & Pouched Fish

stock up

Canned fish and meat are a great protein source to stock up on. You can find a variety of different types and flavors, such as tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, chicken, beef or ham. They provide both quality protein and healthy fat in a shelf-stable package. Look for varieties that are canned in water and enjoy over a large salad, tossed with whole grain pasta or over steamed veggies for a quick meal.

Protein Shakes

protein shakes

Stock up on protein powder for an easy meal replacement or snack. Protein shake mix is typically shelf-stable and perfect to keep on hand for a healthy no-cook option. Try to find varieties that can easily be made with water. If you’d like to mix it with milk, many grocery stores sell shelf-stable milk alternatives that you can stock up on to prepare your shakes.

Protein Bars

protein bars

High protein bars and snacks are a great treat to keep in your kitchen for a quick meal or snack. These items require no preparation and can be kept for a while in your pantry. Just watch out for protein bars that are high in added sugar!

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How to Stock Up Your Kitchen for a Quarantine

You might think that eggs spoil quickly. However, according to Healthline, this keto friendly grocery item can last up to five weeks in the refrigerator. When purchasing, be sure to look at the best buy date and choose those that have the longest date out. Eggs are good for more than just breakfast. Hard-boiled eggs are delicious as a stand-alone snack or sliced on top of a salad.

Frozen Meats & Seafood

How to Stock Up Your Kitchen for a Quarantine

If you have some real estate available in your freezer, load it up with frozen meat and seafood. Not only do they stay good for a long time but are also cheaper than fresh items from the deli or seafood counter. Stock up on frozen chicken breasts, lean ground beef or turkey and seafood like salmon or shrimp.

Healthy Fats

Cheese Sticks

How to Stock Up Your Kitchen for a Quarantine

As you know, Healthy Fats are essential for your keto friendly meal plan. They keep you full, satisfied and nourished. When you’re making your grocery list, be sure to include enough Healthy Fats so that you have plenty of options. Cheese sticks are a great choice that take up little space in your refrigerator. Choose full-fat options to enjoy as a healthy snack or salad topper.

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Nuts & Seeds

How to Stock Up Your Kitchen for a Quarantine

If you’re on the South Beach Diet, you’re probably already stocked up on all of your favorite nuts and nut butters. However, it doesn’t hurt to check in on your supply and replenish your favorites. These Healthy Fats are shelf-stable, satisfying and delicious. They’re also packed with nutrition to keep you healthy. Whether you’re a peanut butter lover or fancy almonds, you can’t go wrong this is pantry staple. Stock up on these nine nut butters for your keto friendly pantry. >



canned fruit and vegetables

When you’re creating a healthy food stockpile, canned items are usually at the top of the list. And for good reason! Canning is the ultimate way to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables without needing a refrigerator. Canned vegetables and fruit are essential to keep on hand and are perfect for creating healthy meals and side dishes. Our dietitian suggests selecting options without added sodium or rinsing your canned produce before cooking to remove some of the extra salt. When choosing fruits, seek out those that are canned in water or 100% fruit juice.


How to Stock Up Your Kitchen for a Quarantine

Have some leftover room in your freezer? Fill it up with frozen fruits and veggies. When buying frozen vegetables, look for plain varieties without any added sauces. Use your own spices, herbs and oils to add flavor and avoid unhealthy ingredients. The same goes for frozen fruit, which can often contain added sugars if you’re not careful.

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How to Stock Up Your Kitchen for a Quarantine

Canned beans and legumes are a great option to have on hand because they provide both fiber and protein. This makes them the perfect Good Carbohydrate for your low carb meal plan. If you’re on our keto friendly program, just make sure they fit into your 50-gram net carb limit for the day. Look for options that are free of added salt and throw them into your meals and snacks for a tasty, satisfying addition.

Dry Pasta & Rice

How to Stock Up Your Kitchen for a Quarantine

Pasta and rice are pantry essentials that we should all stock up. Their shelf-stable nature is perfect for keeping your pantry stocked and ready for healthy meals. Choose brown rice that is packed with fiber and pasta made from whole grains, beans or legumes. When you’re looking for a filling family-style dinner, toss some pasta with steamed broccoli, cooked ground turkey and a can of crushed tomatoes. Season to taste with salt, pepper and crushed red pepper flakes for a tasty dinner at home.



Many cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals, making them a nutritious breakfast option for the whole family. Choose cereal that is made from whole grains, high in fiber and free of added sugars. If keeping milk around is of concern due to the short shelf-life, opt for having full-fat Greek yogurt on hand instead. Yogurt usually will have a longer shelf-life and is a delicious snack when mixed with cereal.

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Easy Meals

easy meals

Keep some healthy, fully prepared meals on hand that you can whip up without any effort. Canned soup is convenient and can be a nutrient rich option if it includes a mix of protein and fiber. When purchasing pre-made soup, look for reduced sodium options. These are hearty and healthy options that will keep you nourished during this time. You can also make your own healthy soup by stocking up on low-sodium broth, canned beans, frozen veggies and whole grain pasta or rice. It’s also a great idea to stock up on healthy shelf-stable and frozen meals that are ready to enjoy in minutes.