7 Reasons to Shop Our A La Carte Menu

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shop our a la carte menu for chocolate cookies, pancakes and chicken dinner

Have you checked out the abundant South Beach Diet a la carte menu yet? We like to think of it as our own personal portal for South Beach success: A place where you can shop for just the meals and snacks you need, in the amounts you want, any time.

You can pick up individual entrées, grab some snacks, save on sampler packs and so much more. The a la carte menu is a great supplement to any phase of the South Beach Diet, whether you’re stocking up for success or looking for options to keep you on track in maintenance, after you’ve hit your weight loss goal. So, check it out and don’t forget to bookmark that page—because no matter where you’re at in your weight loss journey, a la carte has what you need!

Check out our top 7 reasons to shop our online a la carte menu:

1. Try the newest foods when they come out.


The South Beach Diet kitchen is always hard at work adding delicious new meals and snacks to the menu. A la carte shopping is the best way to get your hands on all of the must-try new foods before you add them to your order. Grab one or two of these fresh picks to try them out, then stock up on the ones you love best or add them to your next shipment. Check out the full menu here! >

2. Get more of your favorites.


We know how it goes: You’ve figured out all of your favorite foods from South Beach Diet and want to stock up! You want the Grilled Chicken Sandwich to become a permanent staple on your menu, and you fell in love with the Espresso Nut Entrée Bar. Well with a la carte, there’s no need to wait until your next order arrives! Simply grab a few more of the foods you love best to tide you over.

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3. Stock up on time-saving snacks.

keto nacho protein cheese puffs

Count on a la carte to help you upgrade your snack stash with a crave-worthy selection of snacks to suit every mood. And the best part: South Beach Diet snacks are easy to grab and go, saving you precious prep time and freeing up more time for the things that matter (like family game night, walks with friends or that bubble bath you’ve been daydreaming about). Our customers love to keep snacks in the desk at work, in their gym bags for post-workout replenishment and in the car for those days when you need to run that unexpected errand—or three.

Need some snack inspiration? Check out two of our best-selling bites:

4. Bundle up.

keto food a la carte menu

South Beach Sampler Packs are an awesome way to save on a multi-pack of meals or snacks that you never want to run out of; or to try a variety of different flavors in one convenient bundle! Sampler packs are also a great option for people who have a family that loves South Beach Diet just as much as they do—wink, wink.

5. Get travel friendly picks for vacation.

Sea-Salt-Kissed-Nuts a la carte menu

If you travel frequently for work or have a vacation coming up, but you’d like to avoid a weight loss layover, a la carte shopping is your answer! You’ll find plenty of no-fridge-needed breakfasts, lunch and dinner entrées and snacks that easily tuck into your suitcase or carry-on, so no matter where you touch down, you can stay at the perfect cruising altitude for slim-down success.

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6. Fuel your workouts.

a la carte menu shakes

Protein is an important nutrient for muscle recovery and performance—you can’t slay that stairmill without the right fuel, from the right South Beach snacks! Fortunately for you (and your workout plan), a la carte is the perfect place to grab protein shakes, bars, or shake-and-bar combo packs that will help speed your recovery time. The Keto-Friendly Shakes are our absolute favorite post-workout pick; it’s so easy to just shake and go!

7. Save some dough.

espresso nut entree bar on the a la carte menu

South Beach Diet plan members, this one’s for you: You’ll save a cool 20% and FREE shipping when you add any of your favorite a la carte items to your auto-delivery order. All you need to do to save some serious cash is:

Yep, Ordering from the a la carte menu is as easy as that. Now get your bookmarks ready, and get to shopping! >