The Importance of Eating All of the Food in Your First Shipment

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your first shipment

If you are just starting out the South Beach Diet or are already in your first couple of weeks, we have a tip from our experts that you absolutely need to hear: Eat all of the food you receive in your first shipment!

The key to success on the South Beach Diet is following the plan to a “T”—and eating all the provided foods in your first shipment, including breakfast, lunch and dinner entrées, shakes and snacks, along with the recommended servings of veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats and good carbs each day.

That means if you haven’t eaten all of the food provided in your first shipment, you may be hindering your success. Here’s why:

Your plan is designed for fast weight loss results. It’s lower in carbohydrates while delivering the optimal mix of lean proteins and healthy fats to help keep you feeling full. So in order to make sure you get that optimal nutrition, you need to follow the plan. The first two weeks are laid out with exactly what to eat and when, so all you have to do is eat all the food and cross it out on your Quick Start Guide as you go.

Of course you know that eating too much food can mess with weight loss success, but did you know that not eating enough can, too? It’s true: Eating too little can slow your metabolism down, making it more difficult to shed pounds. This is because when you’re not taking in enough energy (AKA calories) your body has the ability to adjust, by slowing down the amount of fuel it uses. And since the South Beach Diet trains your body to use your fat as fuel, the result of a slowed metabolism is that your body isn’t burning as much of your fat—and you’re not getting the results you should be. So eat all of the food provided in your first shipment!

all the food

Not eating enough can have other health consequences, too. Some vitamins (A, D, E and K, specifically) are fat soluble, meaning they require dietary fat in order to dissolve and do their job correctly in your body. If you’re eating too little, especially when it comes to healthy fats, your body won’t be able to use the nutrients that you do eat.

Establishing consistency in following the plan as recommended provides other great benefits, too:

  • The process of training your body to burn your fat for fuel happens within the first week of the South Beach Diet. Eating all your recommended meals and snacks is crucial to help make this happen, and getting your routine set at the start of the plan will ensure your body stays in fat-burning mode.
  • The sooner you set your new habits into place, the sooner they’ll become ingrained into your daily routine—which makes for an easier and faster transition into your new healthy lifestyle.
  • Your body craves consistency. If you feed it as close to the same times throughout the day and in the same proportions, it will respond, with the weight loss results you’re after. Trust the science behind the South Beach Diet!

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Lastly, but most definitely not of least importance, sticking with your meals and snacks as set out in your meal plan allows your body to get used to eating at regular intervals throughout the day, which promotes greater weight loss.

In fact, one study  published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that between two groups of participants, one eating fewer than four times a day and the other eating at least six times a day, the latter group consumed fewer calories, made healthier food choices and had a lower body mass index than the group eating fewer times a day.

your first shipment

Right about now, five to six meal occasions should sound pretty darn familiar to you, and that’s because this is exactly how your South Beach Meal plan is set up, with three meals and three snacks spread throughout the day at two- to three-hour intervals. And as you can see from the research results, it’s for a few really good reasons.

So, if you’ve found yourself with leftover meals at the end of your first month, this means you likely didn’t eat enough—and for the sake of your goals and living your absolute healthiest life, you deserve to get fully on track with the South Beach Diet plan!

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