“I was fed up with working out and ‘eating healthy’ with no results.”

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Pull Quote: “I was fed up with working out and ‘eating healthy’ with no results. Nothing I was doing was effective.”

tyler 3Frustrated. Tired. Discouraged. That’s how 24-year-old Tyler James felt before she tried South Beach Diet. “Nothing I was doing was effective,” she says. “I was fed up with working out and ‘eating healthy’ with no results,” she says. (Can you relate?!)

When the opportunity to try South Beach Diet presented itself, Tyler jumped. “I had nothing to lose,” she says. Or so she thought. Turns out, Tyler had 27 pounds to lose, and she did it with the help of South Beach Diet’s easy-to-prepare, nutrient-dense meals and group exercise classes.

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In Phase 1, Tyler admits she missed ice cream but found that a South Beach Diet Ice Crush Shake curbed her cravings. “I also ate a TON of sugar snap peas,” she says. “After my taste buds started to change, sugar snap peas started to taste like candy!” Her favorite South Beach Meals were the Chocolate Ricotta Muffins and Taqueria-Style Beef & Cheese Skillet.

By the time Tyler got to Phase 2 she felt confident enough to wear a bikini! That was all the encouragement she needed to continue. On practice days, Tyler stuck to salads because her kitchen time was limited. (If “salad” isn’t your cup of tea, be sure to check out the recipes section here in The Palm.weight loss motivation)

All throughout Phases 2 and 3, Tyler’s confidence continued to grow and she loves her “new” wardrobe. “Clothing has played a significant role in helping me track progress,” she says. “There are pants and dresses I had at the back of my closet I can now consider for daily wear.”

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In short, South Beach Diet worked for Tyler. Do you have “when-I-lose-20-pounds” clothes? Are you fed up with trying to lose weight on your own? Tyler said yes to South Beach and lost 27 pounds. How much could you lose?

Tyler found her weight loss motivation with the help of the South Beach Diet. Find yours and get started today! >

*Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week. Weight lost on prior program. Casting Call volunteer, complimentary program provided.