“I felt like if I could do this and commit myself, I could do anything.”

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“I see a stronger woman staring back at me. I felt like if I could do this and commit myself, I could do anything. I really accomplished what I set out to do.” —Kelsey Jackson

Chips, bagels, soda and energy drinks, oh, and beer—Those are the foods of choice for millions of college students across the country, and they certainly were daily staples for recent grad, Kelsey Jackson. “I always chose whatever was quickest and most convenient over what was healthiest for my body,” she says. “By the time I was out of school I was stuck with the body I created.”

Kelsey Jackson 2
For Kelsey, soda, chips and junk food were once her go-to food and drink items.

A lot has changed since her college days. Kelsey, now 26 and having lost 30 lbs on the South Beach Diet*, says she’s feeling good—really good. She has achieved weight loss journey success with the help of South Beach Diet. “South Beach has taught me that I’m strong, and that I can do things I thought I never could,” she says. “I’ve gained energy, I sleep better, and I feel so much happier and lighter.”

South Beach has also taught Kelsey how to look at food in a new, healthy way to achieve her weight loss journey success. “I recalculated my brain to think about food and portions differently,” she says. “I don’t see a need or desire to change that because it works so well.”

Convenience is Kelsey’s favorite thing about the South Beach Diet but the ease of the program helped her stay the course. “I feel like other diets were confusing or I didn’t feel full enough,” she says. “You can’t make excuses on this…SBD isn’t confusing, and you don’t have to make everything.”

During Phase 2 and 3, her favorite healthy foods were the Blueberry Ricotta Muffins, Taqueria-Style Beef & Cheese Skillet and Chicken Roma. She craved sugar in the beginning and indulged on Greek yogurt with cinnamon or a Fudgy Graham Crumble Bar. On a DIY day, she grilled veggies, chicken or salmon with a little olive oil and lime salt (which is crystalized lime juice that tastes salty but contains no sodium). A Greek-style grilled chicken salad with feta, olives and olive oil-based dressing was—and still is—her go-to dish when she eats out.

South Beach Diet strives to make the achievement weight loss journey success as simple as possible. But losing weight is challenging…especially during Phase 1 when you’re resetting your body for fast weight loss. Kelsey says it takes focus and motivation to be successful. “Prepare your mind before going into it and tell your loved ones that you’re starting a new health journey so they can cheer you on,” she says. “Just stay strong for that first week. If you can get through life…life will change for you.”

Kelsey Jackson 1
Now, Kelsey applies the principles she has learned from using the South Beach Diet to make her daily food choices.

After two short weeks on the South Beach Diet, Kelsey says she saw results and it made her want to continue…even despite setbacks. “I didn’t beat myself up or stress about it. I just did better the next day and the day after that,” she says.

Kelsey’s motivation today is to live life to its fullest. “How was I supposed to do that when I didn’t love myself?” she asks. If she could talk to her younger self, she’d say: Take it easy. “You can enjoy life and food, but it doesn’t have to be to the max to feel and be happy,” she says. “Also, don’t use food to combat stress…go run instead.”

Running is a new hobby for Kelsey now that she’s “slimmed down,” but definitely one of her favorites. She also enjoys painting, reading, hiking and playing with her two cats, Merry and Pippin. She lives with her boyfriend of six years in Studio City, California.

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“I always knew I had it in me to make physical and physiological changes.”

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*Casting call volunteer, complimentary program provided.  Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.