Want to Lose Weight? We’ve Got an App for That!

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weight loss app

Study after study has shown: People who log what they eat are more likely to lose weight, to lose more weight, and to keep it off than people who don’t.

That’s because logging your intake (plus your weight, water and activity!) are effective ways to hold yourself accountable through your entire weight loss journey. Which is why we created the South Beach Diet Tracker weight loss app. It’s a FREE, incredibly helpful resource that enables easy logging of your diet food, weight, water and activity, plus it’s got:

  • Full database of South Beach Diet prepared foods
  • Easy-to-log healthy recipes for every phase of the weight loss program
  • Exclusive offers, discounts and promotions
  • Ability to manage your diet food order on the spot
  • One touch access to the latest content on The Palm
  • List of lean proteins, healthy fats, veggies & approved extras

This weight loss diet app is like having your own personal weight loss guide at your fingertips anytime, anywhere! To start taking advantage of this extremely helpful tool, visit the Apple app store or Google Play today.

weight loss app