3 Influencers and Why They Love the South Beach Diet

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What do Audrina Patridge, Brittany Aldean and Ashley Iaconetti all have in common? They’re beautiful. They’re talented. They’re entrepreneurial. And they’re all South Beach Diet influencers (we’re thrilled to say!), trusting and loving the South Beach Diet for different reasons. We spoke to three of your favorite influencers to find out what they’re loving about the South Beach Diet and how they use it to be healthy.

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1. Ashley Iaconetti

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Just two months before her wedding in August of 2019, we had a chance to sit down with The Bachelor star Ashley Iaconetti. Six months earlier she went on The South Beach Diet (along with her then-fiancé, Jared Haibon) so she could look and feel her best on her big day.

“I just had my first dress fitting last week and they had to take in the dress a lot,” she says smiling. “I was feeling really good—like the way I used to back in Bachelor in Paradise,” she says. “I was at my goal weight then and I’m starting to see myself come together again.”

Naturally, we wanted to know what she thought of the South Beach Diet. “The food tastes great and it’s super convenient,” she explains. “I’ve actually been loving the vegetarian options lately. The chili is so good and sometimes, if I’m treating myself, I put a chip in there and scoop it up.” Ashley was shocked at how good she felt in just a couple of days. “Once you get those results, you’re going to want more of them,” she says.

Ashley loves that the South Beach Diet doesn’t taste like a diet, making it easy to implement into her healthy lifestyle. “You’ll get yourself into a routine where you can feel satisfied and full without eating a lot of crap,” she says. “You’re eating really healthy, well-balanced meals and they’re super high in protein and low in carbs.”

And her energy levels? “Oh my goodness…I definitely have to have energy to get up, get ready in the morning and to not burn out midway through the day,” she says. “I think I’m physically in the best shape to get pregnant.” So far, there’s no word on a baby yet, but we’re pulling for her!

2. Brittany Aldean

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Pregnancy is something Brittany Aldean knows a thing or two about. She’s a busy mother-of-two that is always on the road. “My lifestyle has changed drastically since having my second child,” she says. “One is one, two is like 25,” she laughs. She and her husband (country music star Jason Aldean) travel with their kiddos, Memphis and Navy, on a tour bus for much of the year. “I never want my kids to miss out on what their dad does,” she says. “The tour bus is like a hotel on the road, so it’s very difficult to travel with two kids and all their necessities. It’s tough, but it’s fun.”

Brittany’s decision to become a South Beach Diet influencer rose after she had her son. “I gained 40 pounds with both my children and it took me a little longer with the second baby to lose that weight,” she says.“ You feel like your body is just not what it used to be and you go through a period of feeling down. So, I took charge of my health and what I was putting in my body and I feel better than ever,” she explains. So far, Brittany has lost a total of 17 pounds* with the South Beach Diet.

For Brittany, tour bus life makes South Beach Diet perfect for her lifestyle. “Everything is easily accessible,” she says. “It’s easy to throw food in your purse or pop meals in the microwave. I keep a big container of grab-and-go snacks on the bus. I find they’re missing a lot and it’s either my husband or friends that pop on the bus and grab a bar or a pack of the cheese puffs. I’m constantly replenishing.” Brittany’s favorite South Beach foods are the protein shakes and Dark Chocolate Nut Bars. “I always have those in my bag,” she says.

Exercise, as you might imagine, isn’t always feasible. However, Brittany makes time for “activities” because she likes being active and has more energy after losing the weight. “I’m not so much the one in the gym,” she says. “That’s work for me—lifting weights and running on the treadmill—and not fun. I would prefer walking with my kids, going to the beach or doing whatever comes naturally.” Did we mention her family has two dogs? Yep—so walking them definitely adds to those activities.

For any mom who might be feeling down or overwhelmed about losing baby weight like she was, Brittany says to take things slow, one day at a time. Don’t fall into diet fads where you don’t eat or give your body the nutrition it needs. “I like to eat,” she says. “That’s why South Beach works for me…I’m able to eat often and I don’t ever feel like I’m starving myself.” She also trusts the science that backs the South Beach Diet. “You don’t have to think for the diet; it thinks for you,” she says. “It’s just very easy.”

“Life is better on the healthy side!”

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3. Audrina Patridge

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Like Brittany, sitting isn’t a pastime Audrina Patridge (who you know from Dancing with the Stars and The Hills) fancies. When she’s not on camera, the fashion designer and mother-of-one doesn’t have a lot of time for herself and is always on the go. “I try to find convenient, easy, fun, healthy things to do,” she says. Whether it’s a 25-minute class at the gym, a workout session at home or walking the dog, Audrina tries squeeze in something active every day. Her daughter, Kirra, also likes to join in on the fun.

For this mother-daughter duo, eating healthy, tasty food together is also essential to their daily routine. “It’s so important to set standards for your children. You need to teach them at a young age how to be healthy and how to live a healthy lifestyle,” she says. “You need to eat healthy but that doesn’t mean eating only salads. It’s eating what you want in moderation and in limited portions to satisfy your taste buds.”

We couldn’t agree more. And that’s why Audrina wanted to partner with the South Beach Diet. “I was really excited because I actually really do love all the food and it’s perfect for being a Mom on the go. It’s easy, quick, delicious meals,” she explains. Audrina also loves the South Beach Diet lifestyle. “It all starts from within. Living a healthy lifestyle and what you put in your body really does affect you in every way.”

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*Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.