“I value how the right choice of food can improve your life physically and psychologically.”

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“After having kids, I stopped the gym and ate out way too much. I had to get in shape for my self esteem and to be a happier person around the people I love.” –Dantonio Alvarez

Dantonio before
For Dantonio, eating out had become a regular occurrence for both himself and his wife.

Some people love the energy they get from exercising and losing weight. Others love the sense of confidence they feel wearing a bathing suit. But the thing Dantonio Alvarez loves most about his diet success story is his newly acquired deep sleep. “I’m well rested and getting deep sleep like I used to,” he says. “Its incredible how a good diet affects how you sleep.”

Dantonio lost 24 pounds with the help of South Beach Diet*. In addition to better sleep, he says he’s more productive at work, has a better attitude and has more energy for his two young sons. All of these positive aspects of his newfound life are thanks to his weight loss success story from using South Beach Diet. “It’s nice to feel comfortable in clothes, but I’m less concerned about the way I look compared to the way I feel,” he says.

Dantonio and his wife decided to try South Beach Diet after work, life and too much fast food got in the way of their health. “With two kids and two full-time careers, my wife and I were struggling to get everyone fed and still have time for us,” he says. “The easy thing to do was eat out.”

Luckily for the young couple (who supported each other all throughout the journey), South Beach Diet turned out to be just as easy—if not easier. “You don’t have to think too much,” Dantonio says. Plus, because South Beach Diet delivers meals right to your door, you’re investing less money at the grocery store and spending less time in the kitchen. Even when he’s on the run, Dantonio says South Beach Diet delivers. “It seems possible to make it work under any schedule,” he says.

Danonio After
Now, Dantonio has learned the importance of portion control with the help of South Beach Diet.

Dantonio’s go-to snacks were the meat sticks, chocolate crunch bars and breakfast muffins. When he ate lunch at work, he had Chipotle Sauced Chicken. For dinner, he liked the Italian-Style Sausage and Peppers. For practice meals, protein-style tacos were a favorite. Eating out? — protein-style In-N-Out burgers satisfied this old, once unhealthy habit for Dantonio by choosing a healthier option.

His biggest craving then and now is carbs. “I often lose the fight,” he says, “but I’m good at portion control now.” If he had the chance to tell his younger self anything, it would be to watch his portions.

Water consumption—and plenty of it—kept Dantonio in check in South Beach Diet Phase 1 and  South Beach Diet Phase 2 of the program. He admits he felt hungry when he went to bed in the beginning, but water and good workouts did the trick until his body adjusted. “I was strict Monday through Friday and then allowed fun things in small doses on the weekends,” he says.

Almost every morning now, you’ll find Dantonio at the gym. “I feel better throughout the day because of it,” he says. After work, he’s chasing around his boys—who are the source of his daily motivation, and who now have a great healthy living foundation all thanks to their dad’s low carb diet success story with South Beach Diet. For anyone thinking of trying South Beach Diet, he says go for it. “This program 100% works if you do it,” he says. “The results will motivate you to change your lifestyle.”

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*Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week. Weight lost on prior program. Casting Call volunteer, complimentary program provided.