Countdown to Summer: Stay on Track With the South Beach Tracker App

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South Beach Tracker

We’re counting down the days to summer and doing our best to get bathing-suit-ready, but how do we know if we’re actually making progress? Healthy weight loss and muscle tone can take time, so instead of always looking for results on the scale or on your body, you might want to use a more precise way of tracking your healthy progress day-to-day. Enter our very own weight loss app: The South Beach Tracker App! >

With our weight loss app, South Beach Tracker, you can keep all your healthy lifestyle resources in your pocket wherever you go! Think of it as a digital assistant that helps you track your weight loss and find all the resources you need to live a healthier lifestyle.

The best way to hold yourself accountable for healthy eating and living is to actually track all of it with a simple, easy-to-use weight loss app, so you can better project your results and prepare your summer body! Find out how the South Beach Diet Tracker App can help you stay on track with healthy living and make the countdown to summer a stress-free way to achieve your best body yet!

Countdown to Summer: Get in Summer Shape

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An app designed with your weight loss in mind⁠—find out how the South Beach Tracker App can help you get stunning in time for summer!

1. Easily log and record your meals.

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Being able to easily, quickly and conveniently record what you eat is the main benefit of the South Beach Diet Tracker App. The app is designed to work with your South Beach Diet meal program, so tracking the food you eat is as simple one, two, three! The app inputs all nutritional information to track and create a log for lean proteins, healthy fat, carbs, vegetables, fruits and good carbs. You’ll be able to record your meals and snacks to ensure you’re getting the right amount of nutrition daily, so you can stay on track with your weight loss goals!

2. Track your veggie, lean protein and healthy fat intake.

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When you’re not eating South Beach Diet pre-packaged meals, you can simply tap the “DIY Meal” to “on,” so that it records all nutritional data from the foods you eat to inform you how much of what you’ve eaten is lean protein, healthy fat and other nutritional categories. By logging this information, you’ll be able to find out how much more of certain healthy foods you should eat each day. Eating plenty of vegetables and fiber is beneficial to weight loss, so when you eat any of these types of foods, you will definitely want to add it to your log! There’s also a “Quick Log Function” for those who eat-on-the-run, so you can log foods easier by categories such as vegetable, entree, protein, etc.

3. Get access to South-Beach-approved digital recipes.

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Not sure what you’re eating for the day or not enough South Beach Diet meals stocked up? Our weight loss app works to track all kinds of foods so you can ensure you’re eating the right amount of everything. The Tracker App can add both South Beach Diet and regular foods to your meal plan, and if you don’t have any idea what you’re going to eat for the day, don’t stress!  The Tracker App also gives you access to plenty of low carb recipes approved for each phase of South Beach Diet, so you can just add them to your meal plan for the day. Avoid skipping meals or turning to unhealthy choices, and enjoy healthy, easy-to-make recipes from The Palm at your fingertips!

Countdown to Summer: Lose Weight and Live Healthy

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4. Stay on top of hydration.

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While we’re all working hard to get in our best shape for summer, we also have to remember to stay healthy and hydrated. Water is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and it’s crucial to stay hydrated when we’re working out or getting active in the hot weather. Drinking enough water will also help you feel fuller, improve digestion and promote healthy weight management. Our weight loss app reminds you how important it is to drink more water while it tracks your progress toward 64 ounces or eight glasses a day.

5. Record and increase your physical fitness.

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The Tracker App records your physical fitness activities, so you can make sure you stay on top of your goals! You’ll be more motivated when you get to easily log every 10 minutes of physical fitness by filling up each activity icon on the app. Your goals can be adjusted to suit your lifestyle. So if you start with just a total 30 minutes of walking or movement a day, you can make it your goal to increase to 60 minutes of movement a day to make sure you get moving and get fit in time for summer!

6. Visualize your weight loss success.

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Stay motivated and see your success daily on the Tracker App. As you continue to log your meals, snacks and movement, you’ll be able to see your progress in the app’s charts and milestone tracking. Easily see the highlights of your weight loss as well as any “off” days so you can figure out what combination of meals and movement works to your advantage. If you like to weigh yourself weekly, the weight loss app also provides a place where you can enter those numbers and really align your weight loss stats across the board. See your progress with simple charts and graphs to track your success directly.

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7. The latest weight loss tips & tools in your pocket!

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The Tracker App not only helps you log your eating and fitness habits, but it also provides you with a digital library of healthy lifestyle tips, tools and resources right on your phone! Want to know what types of foods are acceptable to eat on Phase 2 of South Beach Diet? How about which exercises work best to tone your stomach? Find answers to all your nutrition, health and fitness questions in our weight loss app with articles and resources from South Beach Diet’s The Palm weight loss blog. Look and feel your best on the beach (or anywhere!) this summer and start using the South Beach Diet Tracker App to stay on track with your weight loss goals and healthy living.

Lose weight and feel good this summer with a South Beach meal plan. Get started today! >