South Beach Simple: Everything You Need to Know About Our Brand New Weight Loss Plan

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Are you looking for a weight loss program that doesn’t dictate EVERY mouthful you eat? Do you want the structure of a simple weight loss program, but the freedom to choose which healthy foods to incorporate into your daily diet? Are you one of more than 11 million people who bought the international best-selling book, The South Beach Diet® and want to embrace the principles and healthy lifestyle, but need a little help along the way?

Look no further! We have created a brand new three phase South Beach Simple™ plan that gives you the freedom to make meal choices without committing to a fully structured program. This program is perfect for DIY dieters who are looking to lose the extra weight without hunger or deprivation!


By signing up for the South Beach Simple plan, you are putting yourself on the path to success for losing weight while learning how to keep it off. This carefully created plan was designed by our very own registered dietitians with the South Beach Diet principles in mind, to help you sustain a high-quality and heart-healthy lifestyle. On the South Beach Simple plan, you will be consuming one of our delectable, protein-packed shakes and delicious bars each day. Plus, you’ll get our helpful portion-perfect container set, designed to help you build healthy meals and snacks… portioned for weight loss and 100 percent delicious, too!

Specifically, here is what clicking “order” will get you:

  • 30 South Beach Simply Fit shakes — Your first shipment will include chocolate and vanilla. You can customize your order to include only your favorites after the first month!
  • 28 South Beach Diet bars — With your first shipment, you’ll get Cinnamon Bun, Double Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate, and just like the shakes, you can customize to your favorites after the first order.
  • Our exclusive South Beach Diet portion-perfect container set.  The set includes color-coded, portable containers representing all of the food groups you should be eating every day (think Lean Proteins, Healthy Fats, Good Carbs, Veggies and more!).
  • Our South Beach Diet shaker bottle, which makes sipping your shakes easier than ever.
  • An easy-to-follow meal plan and dedicated print tracker to guide you through your weight loss plan no matter what phase you are on.
  • Recipes, nutrition and fitness tips and tricks, plus info about each phase of the program… right here on The Palm!

Don’t worry—you won’t have to remember to click “order” every month! Just choose our efficient auto-delivery option, and your bars, shakes and print tracker will automatically arrive on your doorstep every four weeks. The convenient container set will arrive with your very first order. You can cancel anytime by calling 1-888-841-2620, and there are no cancellation fees.


Did we mention this plan is as easy as one, two, three? To help you better understand how the South Beach Simple plan works, we have mapped out each of the three phases for you. An important note: The phases are flexible. YOU decide where you are at in your weight loss journey, and YOU decide which phase you’d like to start with.

In each phase, it is suggested you eat six times a day to ensure your hunger stays at bay while your energy stays intact. Who wants to get to their second half of a workday starving and exhausted? Not us! With our nutritional shakes and bars on hand, plus our healthy recipes you prepare using your handy container set as guide, you will be sure to get that extra kick you need to make it through the day… all while staying on the path to weight loss success.

Let’s take a look at each phase so you can get started on losing those extra pounds:


Phase 1 of the South Beach Simple plan is designed to reduce your cravings for sugar and transform your metabolism.

Every day during this initial, 14-day phase, you’ll consume: One South Beach Simply Fit Shake in addition to one South Beach Diet Bar. Then, you’ll use your portion-perfect container set, along with our healthy recipes, to create healthy, South Beach Diet-approved meals. You’ll also get step-by-step guidance for how many of each containers you should be filling (and emptying!) each day.

Here’s a quick overview of what your containers represent:

Pink: Lean Proteins
Gray: Healthy Fats
Turquoise: Non-Starchy Veggies
Coral: Good Carbs
Teal:  Fruits

For a more in depth look at what you should put in each container, click here >

colored containers

Here’s a snapshot of what your phase 1 intake will look like:

Phase 1

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Phase 2 is designed specifically for you to continue until you have reached your weight loss goal.

On this phase, you will continue to crush your cravings with one South Beach Diet Simply Fit Shake and one South Beach Diet Bar a day.  The main difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2 is this: On Phase 2, you’ll ease into eating high-quality carbs by adding fruits (teal container), whole grains (coral container) and starchy veggies (turquoise container) back into your diet.

Here’s a snapshot of what your phase 2 intake will look like:

Phase 2

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Phase 3 is built specifically for when you have reached your weight loss goal and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is extremely important to sustain your calories in order to stay on track. Be sure to use your print tracker to continue to keep track of your daily food intake.

Your calorie consumption in Phase 3 varies from 1500-2300 calories per day depending on your level of physical activity. Check out this helpful chart to determine which calorie band is best for you:

calorie band

You will still be maintaining your meal plan with one South Beach Simply Fit Shake, one South Beach Diet Bar, and a variation of colored containers depending on your recommended calorie count. Daily, men and women will be maintaining the South Beach Diet lifestyle through four to six pink containers, two to four coral containers, two gray containers, five turquoise containers, two to three teal containers and up to three extra foods.

Here’s a snapshot of what your phase 3 intake will look like, depending upon your calorie needs:

Phase 3

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