South Beach Diet Success: Everything You Need to Know About Our Weight Maintenance Plan

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Are you looking for a weight maintenance program that doesn’t dictate EVERY mouthful you eat? Do you want the structure of a simple eating plan, but the freedom to choose which healthy foods to incorporate into your daily diet? Are you one of more than 11 million people who bought the international best-selling book, The South Beach Diet® and want to embrace the principles and healthy lifestyle, but need a little help along the way? Look no further than South Beach Diet Success!

We have created a weight maintenance plan that has the nutritional foundation of the South Beach Diet while giving you the freedom to make meal choices you love. This plan is built specifically for when you have reached your weight loss goal and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our South Beach Diet Success program is perfect for DIY dieters who are looking to maintain their weight without hunger or deprivation.

South Beach Diet Success: Weight Maintenance Explained

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By signing up for the South Beach Diet Success plan, you are putting yourself on the path to successfully maintaining your weight loss while learning how to keep it off. This carefully created plan was designed by our very own Registered Dietitians with the South Beach Diet principles in mind, to help you sustain a high-quality and heart-healthy lifestyle. Here’s what you get with your South Beach Diet Success plan:

  • Our exclusive South Beach Diet Success portion-perfect container set. The set includes color-coded, portable containers representing all of the food groups you should be eating every day (think Proteins, Healthy Fats, Good Carbs, Veggies and more!). The convenient container set will arrive with your very first order.
  • An easy-to-follow guide and printed meal planner that includes information about your color-coded containers, grocery additions and daily meal plan. There are also some tasty DIY recipes to give you some cooking inspiration!
  • A free online food journal in the South Beach Diet Tracker app to help you stay accountable with your food intake.
  • Access to the full South Beach Diet A La Carte menu so that you can continue ordering your favorite items.
  • Recipes, nutrition and fitness tips and tricks… right here on The Palm!


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As you enter South Beach Diet Success, you will have the option to increase your carbohydrate intake. Now that you’ve reduced your cravings for sugar and transformed your metabolism, it is acceptable to incorporate healthy carbohydrates back into your regular meal plan. Some people may wish to increase their net carb intake to 75 to 100 grams each day (Low-Carb meal plan), while others may prefer eating less carbohydrates with 50 grams of net carbs per day (Very-Low-Carb meal plan). There is also a separate meal plan for our Diabetes members in the back of the guide if needed. Your South Beach Diet Success printed guide will include details about all versions of the plan so that you can pick and follow the one you’d like. The specific meal plan you choose to follow for maintenance will determine how much you eat from each color-coded container.

But that’s not the only option you have with your maintenance meal plan; you can also choose how often you eat your meals. You can either continue to eat six times a day (with three meals and three snacks) if that works best for you. However, you may find that three larger meals work best for your lifestyle. Rearrange your daily layout to suit your preferences and fit your schedule.

Weight Maintenance & Healthy Living: How Much Should You Be Eating?

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So, how do your favorite South Beach Diet meals and snacks fit into this plan? Some of our South Beach Diet Success programs include our fully-prepared meals so that you can continue getting them on a regular basis. This can provide some extra support as you are transitioning and getting used to your new meal plan. You can also order your favorite entrees, snacks and shakes from our A La Carte menu so that you always have a healthy option on hand. Many of our Success members love to incorporate South Beach Diet meals and snacks into their menu on those busy days when eating healthy is hard.

Want to grab a few ready-to-go meals to keep handy? Click here>

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