8 New South Beach Meals We Can’t Get Enough Of

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The best kind of diet foods come from the genres you don’t think of as “diet”: Italian, Chinese, French, Southern comfort. If you grew up on those foods or have a diverse palate, you just can’t stop eating what you love. You won’t stay on any diet if your favorites are completely off limits. So the chefs and recipe developers at South Beach Diet have spent a whole lot of time recreating foods you remember, love and crave every day to keep our menu fresh and filled with new South Beach meals.

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Here are eight of our NEW South Beach meals you’ll absolutely love—all while losing weight!

1. Chicken with Apricot Glaze >


Let’s start with the nutrition facts for one of our favorite South Beach meals: 4.5 grams total fat; 4 grams dietary fiber; 16 grams of protein. And yet, it’s all wrapped up in a 200-calorie package. Now, let’s talk about how sweet this dish is (thanks to real apricot puree), how the paprika gives it a subtle kick, and how you won’t feel like you ate a drawer full of socks afterwards.

2. Margherita Pizza >

We know. You love pizza. That’s why this guilt-free, thin-crust Margherita-style pie is a must-have from our list of South Beach meals. Enjoy as is or doctor up with fresh veggies, lean sausage or turkey pepperoni. The whole-wheat flour crust is “tasty and not dry,” according to Nancy, who submitted the most helpful online review. Serve with a side salad like Susanne (another online reviewer) recommends.

3. Chicken, Broccoli and Rice >


Online reviewer “Valerie” said, “I will buy this over and over again.” Another echoed that and said in her post titled, “One of my favorites,” that the dish has “great flavor and plenty of cheese sauce to add more broccoli and cauliflower rice.” To that, we say, “20 to go,” you’re a genius. Not only are you sneaking in two extra servings of veggies, but you’re giving this 220-calorie dish greater legs to carry you through your busy afternoon or long night.

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4. Homestyle Chicken & Brown Rice >

chicken and rice

Roasted chicken breast, mushrooms, brown rice, caramelized onions, carrots and Merlot bring a rich depth to this 210-calorie dish that goes from microwave to plate in just four minutes. Just a note about one of the star ingredients: According to Food Revolution, mushrooms are nutrient-rich and a prebiotic food (meaning they nourish the good bacteria in your gut and a happy gut makes for a healthy body). Plus, mushrooms also contain two types of dietary fibers to increase satiety and reduce appetite.

5. Steak & Asparagus >


Yes, chicken is tasty but this dish is for all you red-meat lovers out there. Flame-broiled steak is simmered in rich mushroom gravy and then paired with crisp asparagus. Keto-friendly, diabetes-friendly and with 19 grams of keeps-you-full-and-satisfied protein, this entrée will carry you through your busy day and be the envy of the office when your coworkers smell what’s cooking.

6. Chicken Roma >


Have you ever tried using green beans as “pasta”? We did it in this entrée, and many online reviewers already gave it five stars. If you want to up your vegetable ante, you can also serve the whole dish atop spaghetti squash, zucchini ribbons or cauliflower rice. Want to add even more Italian flavor? Mix in some fresh basil or a blend of dried Italian spices.

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7. Pork Dijonaise >


White-wine, garlicy, onion-infused Dijon mustard gives this entrée robust flavor and might we suggest you take a card from the sauce? Mustard is one of the most versatile ingredients and brings calorie-free flavor to chicken, beef, poultry, seafood and in this case, pork.

7. Chicken in Bourbon Flavored Sauce >

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Quick: your family ordered Chinese and the smells are invading your house! Calmly walk to the freezer and pull out this Asian-inspired dish. In four minutes you can join your family for dinner while enjoying tender chicken, brown rice, fire-roasted peppers, caramelized onions and tender broccoli—and feel no guilt about it!

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