Your Comprehensive Guide to the South Beach Diet Tracker App

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The new South Beach Diet Tracker app isn’t just an app: It’s a magic tool that can help double your weight loss.

Really? Really! Just by keeping a food diary—simply writing down what they ate—participants in a 2008 study lost twice as much weight as dieters who kept no record of what they ate. And using a smartphone app can help keep you logging that food: A small study from 2014 found that users of a smartphone app were 20 percent more consistent in logging their meals over eight weeks compared to those who used pen and paper logs.

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The South Beach Diet Tracker app will help you easily log your food, so you get those bonus weight loss benefits (and exclusive offers!). But it also does much more. Check out these app features that will help you lose even more weight with the all-new app.

Track faster and more easily:

That smartphone study proved that when it’s easier to track your food, you’re more likely to do it. The South Beach Diet Tracker app is the easiest way to track when you’re on South Beach, because it’s specifically designed for the diet program.

Log food
Whether you want to log a South Beach Diet meal or your healthy add-ins, logging your food is easy with the South Beach Diet tracker app.

If you’re using South Beach pre-packaged foods, you can use the app’s barcode scanner to automatically enter your entrees, snacks and other foods in your log. And, if you’re short on time, you’ll love the Quick Log function, which lets you skip searching for specific foods and instead log the food categories. For instance, instead of having to log “I ate spinach,” you just log the food’s category as “one vegetable.” The same goes for lean protein, extras, and other categories.

When you switch to a “Practice Day,” where you’re not eating South Beach Diet foods, simply hit the “Practice Day” switch in the Daily Meal Plan section of the app. The tracker will automatically adjust to show how many lean proteins, extras and other categories you’ve got left for the day. So you can input each category as you eat … easily. And if you aren’t sure what to eat on those practice days, the app’s got you covered: It contains more than 100 South Beach-approved healthy food recipes. When you try one, it can automatically be added to your day’s food log.

Track what you drink:

When your body is dehydrated—even a little bit—it doesn’t burn as many calories. According to researchers from the University of Utah, mild dehydration can reduce your metabolism by two percent when you’re at rest. Just by drinking water, though, you can burn more and help your weight loss efforts. A German study found that drinking six cups of cold water throughout the day increased resting calorie burn by 50 calories per day.

The Tracker app makes it easy to track your progress toward 64 ounces of water. Right on your “TODAY” page, there are glasses of water just below the day’s meals. Each time you down eight ounces, click one of these glasses to track it.

Track your movement:

When exercisers track their movement, they move more. In a 2007 study from Stanford, users of exercise trackers increased their physical activity by about one mile of walking per day.

The South Beach Diet tracker app makes logging your activity easy. Just like with water, you tap an icon to log your activity. Each activity icon represents 10 minutes. Your daily activity goal can be adjusted from 30 minutes to 60 minutes—get on your feet and try to fill in each icon every day.

Track your progress:

If you’re a visual person, you’ll absolutely love this feature: The app has charts and graphs that help you see how far you’ve come, and it highlights weight loss milestones as you reach them. While you may not love hopping on the scale, do it and use this feature. The more often you weigh yourself, the more weight you’ll lose. In a Finnish study from 2014, researchers found a positive relationship between weighing in and weighing less. Here at the South Beach Diet, we encourage weekly weigh-ins over daily scale stepping. This aligns quite nicely with what the study’s author advised. They recommended weighing yourself at least once per week, ideally on Wednesdays—that’s the day most people naturally weigh the least.

Recipes view
Practice day? We’ve got you covered with tons of healthy (& delicious!) recipes for every phase of your program… right inside the app.

Of course, some Wednesdays, you won’t be down. You might experience small gains due to fluctuations in the weather, your menstrual cycle, or the time of day you weigh in. Don’t get discouraged! Use the tracker app’s charts and milestone tracking to remind yourself of your success so far, and stick with it!

Get inspired & stay motivated with tips & recipes from The Palm:

Even when a tracker is as easy and effective as the South Beach tracker app, there are days when you just aren’t feeling it. Losing weight, even with an app and low carb diet as straightforward as South Beach, means paying attention—to what you’re eating, when you’re eating it, and why. That can be draining on your mind and your motivation.

Restore that motivation and get inspired to keep moving forward with The Palm, the official South Beach Diet weight loss blog. The Palm is full of inspirational articles, weight loss tips, delicious recipes and easy exercise suggestions. The best part? You can access all of this from right inside your app. Just click on the logo in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, and prepare to be inspired!

Check out the latest motivating article or go back to an old favorite that always makes you feel energized so you can get excited again about losing weight—and tracking your diet progress as you do!

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